The Importance of Online Security for your Business, Big or Small

Online Security for your BusinessJust about every business operating in 2012 uses resources that weren’t available ten years ago. Whether its internet backup database systems or entire networks of cloud computing, internet business capabilities have allowed entire industries to reach new customers, develop new technologies, and even create entirely new business plans.

But in the last few years, with the shift from traditional business methods to online business, new threats have emerged that weren’t always there in the past. If you run a company that conducts any sort of business online, you’re likely aware of online threats and have taken steps towards securing your networks from malware and such.

If you’re running a small business, you’re especially susceptible to online threats that could damage your business and could even take your network offline for days. Often companies with fewer than 50 employees don’t have a dedicated IT person, which means there is usually little to no online security. It’s not just small businesses though; even humungous corporations are susceptible to hackers. Just last year, online hackers hit the Playstation Network, compromising millions of user’s account information and keeping the network down for nearly a month.

The thing is, simply installing antivirus software on your computers isn’t nearly enough. This may have been the case in the past, but only taking this precaution is like wearing just kneepads in a hockey game. It won’t protect you from the big threats.

If you run a business, you need to make sure all of your networks are secure. That’s a fact. Simply setting up a network password is far from enough. Even if you have a dedicated IT professional, taking extra precautions towards online security will ensure you won’t face a problem, and if you do ever face a problem, it can be quickly solved.

Large companies sometimes have whole teams of IT specialists, yet fail to have an online security specialist. This can pose problems if the company ever is to face a big online threat. It’s great to have people available to set up complex networks and data systems, but without any proper security, these networks could be compromised. It won’t just hurt your business; if hackers gain access to your customer’s records, you could be in some serious trouble.

Having network security solutions that are tailored for your specific business is absolutely vital to maintaining a secure online practice. If you run a company with multiple locations and lots of file sharing takes place, finding a company that can provide a full package of security options will bring down your cost of business.

Look for a company that not only offers network security, but one that also offers a wide range of network services that will make your company’s day to day operations run smoother and more secure. Try and find a company that offers ADSL internet in addition to network security; packaging these two services may save your company money.

Look in to outsourcing your security needs to a company that is dedicated to network security. You’ll know you’re getting constant, reliable security, without having to consistently be checking on the status. There are plenty of businesses that offer.

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