Sony lists upcoming free games for the PlayStation Plus subscribers

The free games which the subscribers of the PlayStation Plus will be getting during December were announced by Sony on PlayStation blog. While Crysis 2 was at the top of the list of the PlayStation Plus offering during the November season, Batman: Arkham City will be the headlining game of the December month.

PlayStation Plus

The other games which the subscribers will be able to play are Limbo, Big Sky Infinity, Knytt Underground and Vanquish for PlayStation 3, and Mortal Kombat, Knytt Underground and Big Sky Infinity for PlayStation Vita. From December 5, Limbo, Vanquish and Arkham City will be available, from December 12 Big Sky Infinity is available, from December 19 the game available will be Mortal Combat and from December 21, it will be the time for Knytt Underground.

Also some games will be removed from Instant Games Collection by Sony. Scott Pilgrim vs. World, Double Dragon Neon and Crysis will be removed for PlayStation 3 on December 5, Chronovolt  will be removed for the PlayStation Vita on December 19, and on December 21 Mutant Blobs Attack: Tales From Space will be removed.

But if the games have been downloaded already, as long as the subscription of the PlayStation Plus is active, the subscriber will be able to play them.

On November 19, the service of the PlayStation Plus has been brought by Sony. As a part the software update numbered 2.00 of PS Vita systems, the service had been brought to it.

The PS Vita applies all the benefits that the subscription of PS Plus from PlayStation 3 gives, which includes bonus features and exclusive discounts. The game save files can also be stored on Sony’s cloud and this ability is given by a subscription of the PS Plus.

The members of PS Plus can download all instant game collections as soon as the PS Vita is updated to v2.00 and published by PS Store next Tuesday, which includes uncharted games of PS Vita: WipEout 20148, Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Mutant Blobs Attack: Tales From Space together with Final Fantasy Tactics- originally which was the PlayStation portable game.

No additional cost will be charged for using the PS Plus on PS Vita to those who have already subscribed to the PS Plus through the PlayStation 3.

Crysis 2, Cubixx HD and Clank All for One and Ratchet were the free games on PS Plus in November. Bulletstorm and the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 are still available from October for download.

Ratchet and Clank All 4 One is the action/platformer game and the players can play as Clank, Ratchet, Dr Nefarious and Captain Qwark in Co-operative gameplay. In the four-player story quests, using the unique skills of each character, the players must work together and also share weapons between players to eliminate the opposition by solving puzzles.

Cubixx HD is a puzzle game which is fast paced and has 50 arcade stages to work through together with 50 challenges for testing the player’s skills. 150 online Leaderboards are also available, or the players may play seven-player co-operative mode by joining forces with their friends. Also a deathmatch between seven-player is there.