Pros And Cons Of Shared Web Hosting

The next step after purchasing a domain for your website is to choose a web hosting service. The type of hosting you select will play an effective part in determining the overall success of your website. There are different types of web hosting services that website owners can opt for, one of which is shared web hosting.

Shared web hosting is the cheapest type of web hosting service you can opt for your website. In shared hosting, many websites are hosted on one server. As the name suggests, you will not have unlimited choice of capacity on the server, as you will be utilizing the resources one server with different users. There are several advantages of shared web hosting but at the same time, there are quite a few disadvantages of this type of hosting too, which, as a web owner, you should know about.

Advantages Of Shared Web Hosting

Cheap Cost

Shared web hosting is one of the cheapest types of web hosting service you can choose, as there are thousands of companies that offer shared hosting at extremely low prices. To learn more about the companies offering best shared web hosting services, please visit

Great Option For Small Websites

Shared web hosting is a great choice for small websites, as such websites don’t need a lot of space to entertain their data; they will pay for what they use.

Quick Setup

Once you opt for this hosting, it will not take more than 24 hours for your website to go up. Shared web hosting provides instant setup unlike other web hosting options, such as, dedicated web hosting.

No Cost Of Maintenance

There is no cost of maintenance when it comes to shared web hosting and as a website owner, not having to pay any hidden costs is a great advantage, as it helps in saving a lot of money. Shared hosting comes with all inclusive prices and once you opt for this type of web hosting, you will not have to worry about spending time on server maintenance or setup.

While shared hosting offers a lot of advantages, it also has a few disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Shared Web Hosting

Not A Good Choice For Bigger Websites

For huge websites, shared hosting is not a good choice, as they need a bigger space to entertain their data and more resources.

Security Problems

Share hosting offers limited security as a number of sites are hosting on one server. If the server is hacked or malfunctioned, all sites will be in trouble. Backup options are limited too. VPS and dedicated hosting offer great amount of security features, so you must go for them if you desire greater security to protect your data.

Offers Dynamic IP

Majority shared web hosting companies offer dynamic IP instead of static IP. Dynamic IP is risky particularly if you have an e-commerce site. To overcome the disadvantages of dynamic IP, one can opt for static IP. However, not all shared web hosting companies offer static IP and some that do offer it for an added price.