Different Kinds of Careers in Information Technology

Careers in Information TechnologyIf you either have, or are interested in, a degree in information technology, you are a smart individual. Careers in information technology require you to be driven, informed, creative, and a non-stop learner. One thing a lot of people don’t realize about a career in information technology is truly how many different job types are available to you. You could work as a consultant setting up information systems for small businesses, or you could work as a software engineer for Google. Whatever it is you choose, know that your career choice will be exciting and a challenge everyday you come to work. You can earn great degrees from schools like WIU, and you’ll be on your way to an awesome career. Check out these different kinds of careers available to people with an information technology degree, and consider which ones you may be interested in.

Data scientist

Whoa, sounds intense, doesn’t it? Taking a job as a data scientist requires you to analyze heaps and heaps of data to determine new and different trends. Big data is a huge opportunity for people with degrees in information technology. You’ll spend days sorting and reviewing information on web clicks, logs, and other different kinds of customer interaction.

As companies become more and more social, the demand for data scientists only grows higher.  Analyzing social media interactions is a huge part of newer business strategies, and there is a demand for people who can do it effectively. Think quantitative analysis.

Mobile technology expert

Every company has a need for a mobile presence these days, it’s usually just determining what kind of presence that exactly is. As a expert in mobile technology, you’ll wear a variety of hats as you build mobile apps, develop a company’s mobile strategy, and make sure those mobile technologies run securely. There is an extremely high demand for people who are proficient in mobile technology, so if you’re interested in this field, jump on quick. It won’t be long before you have solid employment.

Cloud developer

A career in the cloud (that sounds nice, doesn’t it?) couldn’t be higher in demand these days. As more and more companies shift their networks to cloud computing, the need for an individual experienced in cloud computing and development is high. You’ll likely be developing and maintaining private cloud infrastructures, which can prove to be complicated if you aren’t very well versed in the subject. You must be extremely familiar with virtualization networking in order to find a career as a cloud architect, but when you do, you’ll find that you have a hefty salary.

Messaging administrator

While this is more of a “traditional” IT job, it’s still an exciting one to consider if you’re just out of school and new to the information technology field. As a messaging administrator, you’ll be setting up and maintaining complex email and groupware systems for your company. You’ll also be responding to and fixing any sort of problems that employees in your company may face, along with developing and implementing backup and recovery systems. It’s a great job if you’re new to the information technology field, and the pay starts off relatively high.

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