Best Graphics Card available in the market

AMD released the first edition of the series of the Radeon HD 7000 GPU, Radeon HD 7970 in the beginning of the year 2012. It was the pioneer of the graphics card which is made with the process of 28 mm design. It is no doubt the most complex GPU of the company till the date with transistors of 4313 million in only 352 mm. This was no doubt a remarkable release from them which became popular in the market immediately.

Radeon HD 7970After this release and its success AMD released seven more HD 7000 cards of 28 mm which is from the range of price from $100 to $400. Among them HD 7970 is available today. The price has been quite the same for AMD with Nvidia as per the 28mm GPU offerings are concerned and they are having a very close competition. Both the graphics card became quite popular among the users.

Nvidia came into market little later. It came after 2 months since the arrival of HD 7970. At that time GeForce GTX 680 came into the market. It was cheaper than AMD products and it was faster too. As a result of this AMD was compelled to cut their price rate. However, the supply of GTX 680 was extremely limited during this time and it provided some convenience to AMD.

At that time Nvidia launched new parts of GTX 600 in between the last few months in an extremely low price. At this AMD had to release two of their ultra modern edition HD 7970 GHz and HD 7950 Boost to fight against Nvidia. By these two new launched versions, AMD wanted to make their margin better. The completion became stiffer between the two.

In the month of September, this continuous competition came into some kind of settlement. As both of these companies were not launching any new graphics card, there was nothing new happening. People became aware of the price cuts of the products launched by the two companies. They were also known about the facilities of these graphics cards and their performance.

The next move takes place when AMD launched Catalyst 12.11 beta drivers and it did a wonderful performance for games like Star Craft II, Sleeping Dogs, Civilization V, Borderlands 2, and Battlefield 3 etc. Most of the games started becoming 10% faster whereas Battlefield 3 became 20 to 30% faster. It was a remarkable success for AMD.

Almost at the same time Nvidia brought in market their new product beta driver into the market. It performed wonderfully more most of the titles and then it was replaced by GeForce 310.61 update and the performance of this was even better. The fight actually started again and it is continuing till now. Both of these companies are offering graphics cards and most of them are working wonderfully.

As the price is quite equal and the performance of the graphics card came from both these companies are wonderful with most of the games, people really get confused about what to close.