Wireless and Cable Networks of Computer and Laptop Technology

Internet service providers
Internet service providers

The wireless and cable network of computers and laptops is becoming a big deal for many different companies and home users. Everyone seems to want to go wireless, but many businesses still need the speed of cabled networking. Most cable providers are just trying to find a balance between the two.

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Free Internet will bring out customers. This is what companies know. That is why so many companies are simply offering this free. It has become a selling point that is making more companies spend money on wireless routers. Lots of laptops open up as customers drink their coffee and eat at these places. It may actually inspire consumers to stay longer and spend more money. From this perspective, the wireless networks appear to be ideal. There are still some customers, however, that refuse to use this. They know that they could get access to a much faster network through an Ethernet connection.

The Speed Associated with Cabled Networks

Cable networks have started offering much cheaper prices for high speed internet connections. This has caused lots of home users to still rely on the cabled networks for their home needs.

This has not stopped consumers from getting things like Tablets PCs or portable smart devices. Many people still love these things. The difference, however, is that more people are relying heavily on the desktops when they need to do heavy web surfing that may involve downloads. The wireless connections are being used for everything else.

Downloads vs. Basic PC Usage

When people download software, music, or movies they know that there is going to be a wait time if they are using a wireless connection. This is why more people download with an Ethernet cable plugged in. The speed is much faster and the download is less likely to stall as a result of this.

For basic PC usage there isn’t much of a need for the fast speeds. Some people may just have their laptops out to check their email or participate in social media. There are no extremely high speed data needs for sites like Facebook and Twitter. The only time it really becomes a problem is when people start viewing videos on social media sites. For this they may want to switch back to a computer on a wired network.

The Desire to Be Portable

Much of the same things go on in business networks that occur in home network settings. There is a strong desire to be portable. It may not always be feasible, but more people are doing this whenever it is possible. There has been a lot of talk about cloud technology in business networks. This has made portable laptops even more of a necessity.

Lots of people can conduct business meetings away from the office with wireless connections. Business training can be conducted with resources being pulled from the cloud through wireless participation on laptops. All of this presents a desire for company leaders to utilize wireless technology over wired networks.


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