Who is Ms. PacMan?

Ms. PacMan is basically a knock off of the ever popular PacMan. You might not really “get” Ms. PacMan if you aren’t familiar with PacMan hiMs.elf.

PacMan is a game created and released in the 1980’s that became far more popular than anticipated, and, unlike many of the arcade and computer games of that era, PacMan has held on to its popularity. Even though the Atari 2600 gaming system it was released for is primitive to today’s standards, it was one of the first interactive gaming systems that drew the player into the game.

It was PacMan that made the Atari 2600 so immensely popular. The way the game works is that the player moves PacMan around a maze as he devours little dots while simultaneously avoiding ghosts.

As it goes with all things popular, it didn’t take long before developers were toying with the idea of introducing a Ms. PacMan to the gaming scene. This version for the game definitely targeted females, and had a bit more glam. Ms. PacMan became incredibly popular as well.

PacMan and Ms. PacMan have not slumped in popularity for the last 30 years, even though arcades and Atari 2600 systeMs. are hard to find. Today the best option is to play PacMan online. There are numerous websites that offer the game, and other versions of it such as Pac Xon, including many websites that host the authentic PacMan game. This version of the game has the same graphics and sound effects that the original PacMan had, and is probably the most popular of all the PacMan games. Ms. PacMan can also be found in her original glory, and continues to be a close second to PacMan in popularity.

If you want to play PacMan online all you need to do is a basic web search to find a slew of websites that offer the game. Most of them offer it for free; some ask that your register to create a free account. Just make sure that your computer system or personal electronic device has the right specs. In some cases you may need to download and install a plug-in to be able to play the game. Don’t worry, that it’s safe, fast and easy to do. Once you have the plug-in installed you will be able to enjoy PacMan and Ms. PacMan to your heart’s content. You can probably find a friend or two who is familiar with the game and would love to have a PacMan party.