What Is The Best Time to Start Kid Education

The best time to start a kid’s education is right from infancy. Surprised? Well lots of parenting magazines in their interviews with child psychologists state the best time to actually start training a kid into becoming educated begins right from infancy and that too from home. Yes!

Kids have an amazing potential and a very clear concept of what they want and what they don’t want. This cannot be limited them by what you think they can and cannot do. Each kid has a unique pace to achieve a specific developmental milestone. Some kids learn faster and with more clarity compared to others. However, if there are kids that can’t grasp very fast, training them at home, makes it easier on the formal schools later on. Encouraging, them helps boost their confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment because Kid’s have a wonderful capacity of mimicking adults.

If the main objective behind education is to train a kid for life, then the best time and place to begin must be at home. With proper toilet training for a start, developing proper eating habits could be the next target. Sitting with the kids while they splash colour on drawing and coloring activity books could be a recreational exercise for a parent, but a wonderful learning experience for a kid. You could gradually teach them to colour within the boundary and watch how hard they try doing that and how bad they feel when the colours still go beyond the outline. As they practice this, their sensory and motor skills are sharpened and the stamina to sit at a task till it is finished is emphasized.

Talking to kids even if they don’t’ have a vocabulary to respond back helps the kids grasp the tone and voice they are expected to speak with. Later on, as they grow up, since speech and conversation are issues already addressed, talking to people in the social circle won’t cause communication problems. Reading out to children from a fairy tale or bedtime story book helps them catch the expression with which to read in class, class while singing out nursery rhymes helps them sharpen their memory. It’s upto a parent whether they would like their child to learn all this at a Montessori or sit with their child at home and work at it.

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