Probable Causes And Ways To Recover From A Google Penguin Penalty

The reason for the success of Google throughout the decade is none other than Google’s never ending emphasis on user experience. No matter whichever policy or algorithm change it made, it all was done with the objective of improving the search experience of user.

Google Penguin update is the latest of Google algorithm updates. Every web marketing firm at this point of time is familiar with causes of Penguin update and the ways that could help in tackling the affects of the update. The lines below give the major causes and ways to recover from a Google Penguin update.

Causes of Penguin Hit:

Although Google never clearly reveals the features it entails in its algorithm, however, the web masters have made certain speculations regarding some of the factors that may cause a Google Penguin hit. Some of the factors that trigger Penguin penalty for a website may include:

a) Unnatural Links- The websites that are found involved in the activity of buying links, having them built from unrelated sites, and relying on low quality links for the sake of increasing the links number are the websites that may get hit by Penguin update.

b) Exact Anchor Text- Websites that show little variation in anchor text or have the same anchor text can also get hit by Penguin update, as the link building with the same anchor text makes it look like spamming.

c) Over Optimization- The evident and perhaps the most sure reason for a website being hit by Penguin is the over optimization. The websites that do keyword stuffing and other such tactics are definitely going to get hit by Penguin update.

Recovering From Penguin Update:

There is no definite formula that can guarantee a successful recovery from Penguin update. Rather there are a number of measures that could be taken and a marketer can select any of them pertaining to what he or she thinks might be the cause of the hit. Some major tips for successfully recovering from a Google Penguin hit are given below:

a) A Natural Anchor Text- The first thing to do with regards to recovering from Penguin update is to make your anchor text links look natural. This can be done by compromising a little bit on the value of anchor text so that it could be diversified and does not directly get hit by Google’s Penguin.

b) Variety in Anchor Text- The days when anchor text was built against one keyword are long gone. Now there needs to be diversity in keywords around which the anchor text is built. Use different pages of the website to link to, rather than just using one single keyword.

c) Quality Backlinks- Instead of going for low quality back links, the true thing to do is to go for quality links form quality sources. Best link building services providers regard it as a great way to recover from Penguin update.

d) De-Optimization- If your website has been over optimized by keyword stuffing, then perhaps the best way is to have the website de-optimized.

e) Better Content- The production of better content is another factor that can lead to a successful recovery from Penguin penalty. The better content a website has, more satisfied would the user be, hence, recovery from Penguin update.

Bottom Line:

In short, there are several reasons for the cause and several factors that can help recuperate from Penguin penalty. The lines mentioned above give a brief description of the factors that can cause a Penguin penalty, and the ones that can help in recovering from one.