Envy 6 – 1090 HP’s first Ultra Book

Envy 6 HP is for people who want a thin and light notebook with long battery life and good enough performance for everyday smaller tasks. It is not as light as Ultra Book One, in fact it is neither that handy nor particularly small, but its dimensions are far less than the normal laptops you find in the market. If you want a laptop with 15.6-inch screen is the external dimensions less than the usual notebooks, then this device is meant for you.

It is interesting that HP is offering a dedicated graphics card in the Envy 6. There are few machines with Ultra Book-stamp that can show an acceptable gaming performance. We don’t talk about a gaming PC, but you can easily get involved in again a little heavier gaming whereas you will not get a high resolution or the finest details in the picture.

Great design

What we like about the HP Envy 6-1090 is the neat design. Brushed metal is a sure winner always, and they have used the black color on the upper side, which is strong in contrast with the reddish color the underside, and that is pretty cool. We also like that HP has thought of gaming as well and installed a dedicated video card that performs much better than the integrated Intel.

It’s bad that we find some clear disadvantages that pull it down on the other hand as well. The screen is great, but do not have a good resolution. We could get 1920 x 1080 pixels or at least 1600 x 900 pixels for the same price in other brands. But with this machine you must get contented with 1366 x 768 pixels, which in our opinion, is too low of 15.6 inches. But the screen is very light, which is marked very well when you open and close the display cover.

Some disadvantages

Overall we are satisfied with the HP Envy 6-1090. Envy 6 offers a lot of fun to the users in the form of long battery life, above average gaming performance for an Ultra Book, and pretty design. But you have to content yourself with low resolution from a bit too weak designed monitor, a keyboard that gives little response and a small SSD. If you can you live with all this, just go for it. The price is not as daunting as most other Ultra Book-one you can buy nowadays, but with those light weight notebooks still gets low cost performance.


+ Nice design

+ Dedicated video card

+ Good battery life


– Weak-screen design

– Low-resolution monitor

– Small SSD

– A little bigger and heavier than Ultra Book

Other Options

If you want a laptop with 15-inch screen or more, we see little reason to choose something that is so thin and light as the HP Envy 6 You will get much more bang for your buck by choosing a slightly thicker and more powerful portable computer, such as the Asus N56VZ. It’s a far better screen, much better performance, keyboard and still a compact and beautiful machine. If you are however determined to buy an Ultra-Book, we suggest that you rather get a better screen and look at the smaller Ultra Books.