Samsung EX2F Smart Camera

We have become accustomed to smart phones, smart cars, etc but most of the people have not come across the term smart camera. Most people tend to think that the digital cameras cannot be smarter than they really are at the moment. Most of the DSLR cameras are designed such they are very easy to point and then shoot at the object that you want to capture. In their reviews, some people tend to argue that they find little or no difference in most of the brands of digital cameras that we have today.

Samsung has managed to take the technology to higher heights. It has managed to do what moats people find it hard to imagine or believe. It has managed to make some serious and interesting improvements on the front of their digital camera. The Samsung EX2F can be described as a smart camera because it is more than what is traditionally referred to as the digital camera. This camera is not only smart but it also leads the pack in producing bright and clear photos even in low light situations.

The Samsung EX2F is slated for release in August. Based on its leaked features, it is expected to be the brightest and most compact camera lens in the world with F1.4 aperture. It is now part of what is popularly known as the smart cameras that are Wi-Fi enabled. It is the continuation of the Samsung EX1 that featured F1.8lens. Like its predecessor, the EXF2 is specially designed so as to deliver photography that is super bright.

The most notable feature of the Samsung EX2F is its F1.4 lens that make it the undisputed most compact camera. In addition to this, the camera allows the remote storing and sharing of images using the connectivity to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connectivity gets rid of the necessity or requirement of connecting cables when you want to transfer photos from your camera to another device such as phone or computer. It also features Full Manual Controls in its lightweight but strong body. The owners of the DSLR that want gadget that is more portable for the quick shooting of images at the impromptu moments will definitely need to consider acquiring this camera.

Other notable hardware specifications of the Samsung EXF2 include the ability of capturing in full Higher Definition (HD) quality 1080/30p movies. It captures the HD movies completely with the stereo sound such that you are capable of later on enjoying playback of a full Higher Definition Tv. The camera is also capable of snapping stills of 12-meagpixels while at the same time shooting video. This is made possible by its Dual Capture feature that makes sure that you cannot lose any moment however quick it is that you want to capture.

The camera also features AMOLED 3.0” Swivel display that makes it very easy to line out shots that are greatly looking. It also has a SDHC/SDXC memory card slot where the users can store all the photos that they have capture. Another notable feature of the camera is the BSI CMOS 1/1.7? 12-megapixel sensor that is designed to produce very images that do not have blurs even one is shooting in situations of lowlight.

As stated earlier, the Samsung EX2F is expected to be at the stores this August. According to reliable sources, it will retail for about $549.

Other notable features and specifications

Effective Pixels 12.4MP
Total Pixels 12.76MP
Maximum Aperture f/1.4-2.7
Optical Zoom 3.3x
Play mode: 1to 2x (depending on the size of image)
Movie Format MP4 (H.264)
Digital Interface USB 2.0
DC Power Input 5V
Weight 10.4 oz / 294.3 g