How To Customize Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Out Of the Box

With all its power packed features the Samsung Galaxy S3 provides a host of ways you can customize the interface. If you are at a loss on where to start here are four ways you can customize your Samsung Galaxy and make it a smart companion. Latest: Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors

Hide unwanted apps
Your S3 comes with a number of preloaded apps that might be useless to you. These manufacturer installed apps cannot be removed but you can keep them out of your direct line of vision. Navigate to the app drawer, tap and hold the app and drag to app info. At this point you will be able to disable the app which will move it from the app drawer. If you want to enable the app at a later time you can do so by going to the application manager where you can enable it once again.

Customize the lock screen
Customize your lock screen so that you have a fast and easy way to get to your favorite apps. To do this you must disable screen lock. You have to decide if convenience is more important than security and if it is then you can proceed to Settings > Security > Lock Screen Options and choose the items that you want on the lock screen. Use the Shortcuts menu to change the app shortcuts.

Customize S Voice
Although S Voice is not nearly as good as Apple’s Suri you can still customize it to be your personal assistant. Launch S Voice by double tapping the home button and say “what can I say” to access the list of commands. Use the settings button in S Voice to customize the commands. A lot of these are handy but keep in mind that it will negatively impact the life of your smart phone battery.

Monitor your data usage
If you must keep tabs on your data usage because you have a limited plan then you can make use of the built in data monitoring tool. It is located under Data Usage in the Settings menu. Check the option to set mobile data limit and enter your billing cycle. To complete the process you will need to use the red and orange lines to set the data limit and let your phone know when to send you a warning. There are also apps that make it easy to track usage.

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