Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung have unveiled a new smart phone that runs on android system but is this new gadget the greatest phone that has been made?

The galaxy s3 has been designed in the Samsung way that has been inspired by nature to feel, respond and listen allowing the user to share one of their greatest moments. The device is made of brushed polycarbonate and comes in a variety of marble white and pebble blue. Though the screen is Super AMOLED HD with 4.8 inches, it has dimension of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm. It is light in weight and has a plastic feeling that many do not like as they associate this with cheapness. But this light weight is an appeal to many as they prefer a device that they will not be able to feel when they are carrying it around.

The galaxy S3 has a solid front made out of Gorilla Glass, an interior that has been well packaged and a battery cover that is strong. Though many may feel that it is made out of plastic when they first handle the phone, it is actually made out of polycarbonate that is extremely light in weight.

Since this device comes with numerous applications, the battery is used up easily. But the advantage of the Galaxy S3 is that it is a large phone and thus contains a large battery that can run for hours on end.

The smart phone uses the android software that is the latest version from Google and is commonly known as Ice Cream Sandwich. This operating system lets the user put buttons on the screen but virtually. The home button is the only physical one. Though they borrowed the operating system from Google they added their own features from Samsung so that they can maintain the overall look of the Samsung products.

There are some new features that have been installed into the new Samsung galaxy S3. These include

• Voice recognition service that has been called the Voice S that has been designed by Vlingo. Though this is a good feature, it is not accurate and is not driven by the server thus will not be able to work for all the applications.
• Smart stay that gives vision enabled features and is able to recognize a pair of eyes that are in front of it.
Smart call. This allows for automated call whereby one can make a phone call by simply raising it to the ear provided the contact is displayed on the screen.
• Social tag. This feature uses face recognition to recognize photos of the people in the contact list thus updating you when they update their status and also makes it much easier to call or message them.

In this day and age speed is important in all the devises that one may be using. The galaxy S3 has a processor that is quad core that increases the speed and also maintains it no matter the number of applications that one may be running at the same time. The quality of the calls has also been improved by the addition of a second microphone. It also has strong signal strength.
Though the phone has the downside that it is too big, it is hard to find fault with it especially when one is an android lover. This phone has taken the trophy when it comes to innovation and features as the applications are many on the phone making it an android phone that has the most features. Though its main competitor and one that can be compared to it is the HTC one-x, it still maintains a lead over it and is a must have phone for all.