Future Of Entertainment

The entertainment industry has also incorporated the use of technology so that they may be able to give better services to its consumers. With the new technology that has been created, the entertainment industry will never be the same. Some of the new technologies that will be used in the future are:

Remote controls
The traditional way of switching between channels was to use a device that was powered by batteries called the remote control. However, with the emergence of technology that allows for touch and voice recognition, the industry is looking at a remote control that will be gesture based. Here a camera will be used that will be able to watch a user and react according to the signal the user will make. An example would be to stop a movie with the common gesture for stop: holding the hand up. Though this may seem as a fantancy, Toshiba have made a laptop that supports a version of this new technology though it is much older. They are also trying to incorporate this technology in their television systems.

For a long time now, each devise form the television to the radio and the DVD have all been powered by a remote control that are all different. This seems cumbersome as one may have to operate a number of remote controls to use the devices. Another problem is that the backside of the television and other electronic devices are usually complex to the common eye and can be said to be a bunch of wires all of which are interconnected. This has led to the development of the Tru2Way platform that seeks to simplify all these things.

Though an attempt was made at this with the introduction of CableCard, no improvements were made thus the development of Tru2Way. This technology that is a set of standards and services sets out to address the past failures of the CableCard. This is inclusive of features that support two-way communication devices such as payment per view and program guides.
This technology offers compatibility that is much better, stability that has been improved and also gives support to dual turner applications. This has simplified cable TV so much that when one has a Tru2Way cable TV they just have to plug in one wire and they will be watching TV.

For a long time now, technology has been used by Hollywood in an attempt to overcome piracy of its outputs. But with the latest advancements in technology this has proved to be difficult as there are tools that will facilitate the bypass of the DRM in any media that is available.

Though most companies are still using the DRM system, the music has made the transition such that one can be able to play music on any device as they are DMR free. Videos are also making these transitions but at a slower pace as there are some DVD software that will allow ripping right onto your computer for example the RealNetworks’ Real DVD software.

3D technology
Previously, we had the 2D technology but with the development of 3D technology, viewers are able to watch moves as though they are happening in real life. This experience is gotten by the viewers putting on a pair of glasses that are sophisticated to suite the new technology.

This technology has also been applied to the TV industry that I manufacturing televisions that can be seen in 3D. This is mainly because most of the products that are in the market today are in the 3D format. Television makers are creating newer designs that allow High definition screens and those that will also allow the user to browse via their television as they are internet enabled.
With all these advancements, entertainment will never be the same as we are moving from complex 2D systems to a much simplified 3D systems.