Using Technology to Improve Bathing and Showering — Top Five Bathing and Showering Products

With design, creativity and technology, all boosting at one time, almost all the products including home range items are improving, ensuring a better lifestyle. With technology playing a highly vital role in our lives, it is bathing and showering, that have also become superior. Modern baths are designed to bring style, comfort and innovation. Following are a few examples that have modernized the cliché type of baths;


Hydrotherapy is designed to soothe you in the most refreshing way. It’s a computerized system that works as a shower unit. What happens in Hydrotherapy is that there are several shower jets fit in the shower enclosure that splash water at you. With water being showered from all sides, there’s a shower jet under your feet too. So basically, in Hydrotherapy, you’re not being showered from only above or side but from all around. Now that’s innovation! This piece of contemporary bath costs $100,000 per piece.

Rain Sky

Rain Sky is a result of technology bringing nature within the shower baths. Rains are a concept of water being showered from one direction. Rain sky works with the same concept. However, in Rain Sky, the water is fired from down towards the upward direction. This is one way showering but calmer. Pockets of air in Rain Sky accelerate water in a way that the water consumption decreases. This is a perfect example of modern bath and saving water simultaneously.

Gessi Private Wellness:

Chromatherapeutic spa occurrence is a result of Gessi Private Wellness. It functions with lights and water being sprayed in a way that it ends up looking futuristic. The sprays in it keep on changing, providing it a proper circulation to go with the theme.

Eco Drop

Eco Drop is an example of technology trying to conserve water yet again. What basically happens in this is that the base has a few properly sculpted rings where you stand. Gradually, in the bath, as time passes these rings move up one by one. This results in a lesser place to function. So, you move out of bath at the right time as it calculates the time of bath and self indulgence.

Energy Cocoons

These are bath tubs with a lid. What’s new about them is the amount of features they provide as they offer steaming, infrared sauna functions etc. You can enjoy a good time by putting the lid down in a way that only your head emerges and soaking yourself for some time.

These are not all. There are many other new innovations that have changed the perspective of bathing. With technology prevailing so quickly in the recent times, keep your eyes open as there are yet a lot more to come.