Playstation Vita Overview

Sony is aiming to change the gaming world completely by providing the gamers with experience that are almost similar to reality through the introduction of their new PlayStation Vita.

It is designed with the shape of the original play station portable that is oval in shape having an OLED screen that is 5 inches and is touch enabled. This design allows it to be sleeker than the other models and will feel good when held in the hands. Though it is much larger than the other hand held games that are in competition to it, the round edges make it much simpler to hold.
Though the layout is much the same as the older versions with the same buttons, they feel different. In addition to the normal buttons that are usually in a play station, microphone, system that is motion sensitive and stereo speakers.

For the software, a flash memory card is used for its distribution which in an improvement from the previous ones that use universal media disks. For the storage of the games, a Ps vita memory card is used as it is not compatible with the normal memory cards.

The battery of the play station is also made to last for longer hours providing more game time to its users. When in use during game playing, the battery can last up to five hours and will last for nine hours when the screen is off and the user is listening to music.

It also has two cameras at the front and rear end. The two cameras are each 0.3 megapixels with high resolution that are sensitive. They are able to allow the user to personalize and customize it through applications that support face detection, head tracking and head detection.

This PlayStation uses a user interface that is touched enabled that has been called love area and is inclusive of social networks such as the PlayStation network. The web browser will be compatible to the JavaScript.

The PlayStation will also allow its users to chat with other users as they play as they will be able to access and see the other users who are also playing the same game. To enable this it will come with applications such as twitter and facebook and will also include applications that can be downloaded such as Music Unlimited.

The application appear on the screen in form of bubbles and can be moved around as desired by the user but one cannot be able to organize them. A shortcut will be created when one opens an application which can be swiped to the screen allowing for faster access to its applications

It also allows the use to able to run two applications at the same tome for example on can run both a game and the trophy viewer.
Though the PlayStation vita is a game whose screens have been touch enabled, when held in the hand one can get the illusion of the opposite of this that it is a device that has a touch screen that has several games in its applications. It has been manufactured in such a way that everything apart from the gaming is operated by touch.

Though this device is a major advancement and a must have for those who are gamers, it is very expensive and the expenses will be increased as one needs to purchase a vita memory card due to its non compatibility with the normal memory cards.

Though it has some flaws, it is worth the cost as it has important features that are advanced and they will make the gaming experience to be like none that one has ever experienced.