PickyDomains.com Review

PickyDomains.com is a fresh domain sourcing agency established some months before which objective is to suggest catchy names for a new domains by using what it announces are 17 Domainers from all over the world. To utilize the service seems very easy. As far as naming a new domain is concerned, it might be a high worth at $50 at name. Traditional Domainers may discover that a slight steep.

For the unskilled seeking a name for a fresh startup may be a wearisome experience. So acting out the intelligence of Domainers is an inventive approach and the great part is that if the Picky Domainers do not offer you a name that clicks your mind, then you can ask for $50 refund. The website lists a number of model domains that have been selected by the service and honestly some are truly excellent. The $50 is divided between PickyDomains and the Domainer whose name was picked.

The service mechanism is that first you should deposit your $50 fee, telling that your site is about what. Domain features like number of letters and words, dashes, slang etc. are also described. From there the detail is thrown to their Domainers for submissions. After this, submissions are sent to you through mail. After seeing a mail if you like to register then you do so depending on your selection and inform PickyDomains which one you selected. I see some possible gap in this method with respect to the honor system but nothing insuperable.

I appreciated this testament from everyone’s preferred tech killjoy, John C Dvorak!

“Only from the some names that you have dreamed up I can understand your trouble. You are too fringing cheap to be taken sincerely. A pair of your names if vended by a consulting agency would have brought more than $10,000——and I’m not joking.”

Behold! There is more! This is where it starts becoming interesting. They have open auditions for more Domainers to join. So if you want to contribute you can. You have no need to give your covert Domainer club card however it stands to the ground as well that the more attention and proposals you put to it, the superior the quality.

One more attractive bend to this model is that PickyDomains evidently describes that they will evaluate the list of suggestions and from those which are not selected and of better quality, will be picked by PickyDomains for re-vending on Sedo etc. In such examples the contributor will have a fewer than 50% change but in some examples this could be more than the $25 you would catch for sold name that was selected.

Lastly, PickyDomains.com presently has a sponsorship that will give you a free visit of domain picks if you write blog regarding their service. It is an immense offer and a better way to get rid the fatigue