The Floating Bed Concept: Integrating Style and Luxury Uniquely

The fact that an average human only spends only about 25% of their life asleep, this modest bed comes with amazingly little creativity used in making it over time. Nonetheless, the new floating bed that hovers around 40 cm from the floor signifies major development in the sleeping unit. The technology has debuted in the previous Millionaire Fair held in Kortrijk, Belgium; this floating bed has come from technology that has been under development within the last six years. The developer was a Dutch architect known as Janjaap Ruijssenaars working in cahoots with Bakker Magnetics.
The bed taps the power of lifetime opposing power of industrial magnets that enables it to float on the air. The compete scale bed can sustain weight of up to 900 kilograms while the smaller option featuring 1/5 scale platform is designed to sustain up to 80 kilograms.

A lot of people have started seeing the importance of this platform. The technology used is simple yet visually attractive. The knowledge ha started being applied in other fields like making coffee table, sofa and the Japanese dining table. The technology has also found wide application in construction of display surfaces used for displaying high end visual merchandises and museums. There are unlimited techniques designed for using these unique concepts.

The floating bed is composed of four slim cables that help to keep the bed at position. Only these cables are in contact with the ground. Another amazing thing regarding the floating bed concept is the ability to sleep in that kind of close proximity with magnetic field.

According to the developer of the bed, Janjaap, the magnetic field experienced at the top of the bed is very low. In fact, you can slip with your bankcard in your pajamas and wake up the following morning with the card safe. However, the magnetic field beneath the bed is very strong. A field that can hold 80 kg or even 900 kg is supposed to be very strong to withstand the pressure. Avoid getting under the bed if you have anything that can be destroyed by strong magnetic field. For example, if you do wear pacemaker and you happen to drop your strawberry lube under the bed, get another person to get it for you. The strong field under the bed can place you at risk since it has ability to interfere with your pacemaker within seconds. Besides, it only takes a short time for magnetic cards such as bankcards to degauss.

The floating bed is attached to the ground using four thin cables. The wires should be maintained in position since if they are removed or are not available; the bed can slide out of the magnetic field and crash on the floor.

The cost of the floating bed is definitely best for the millionaire class persons due to their high cost. The fifth scale unit retails at EU€115,000 while full floating bed goes for EU€1,200,000. If you are planning to invest in this bed, you should be willing to spend since it can be rather costly. That explains the reasons why it is mainly found in well off families.

Janjaap Ruijssenaars who developed the bed holds a Master of Science in architecture. He is also the pioneer of Universe Architecture. In addition to practicing architecture he also does urban planning and designing. The combination of these skills assisted him in development of this technology that is starting to gain popularity across the globe.

If you are looking for a sense of uniqueness integrated with modern style, the floating bed is your ultimate solution. It delivers style in a unique way that has not been experienced in the past.