PC Hardware For The Future

Though there are major developments in the world of computing that has seen the emergence of new gadgets in the terms of laptops, tablet computers and android phones, there are still new technologies that are being developed for the hardware of the pc so that it can be even better and offer a competition to the newer gadgets.

There will be new circuits that will be ground breaking that have been called Memristor. This new circuit will not keep tabs on the amount of current that has passed through it. It can be termed as a one-element circuits that will have advanced features such as the ability to alternate the current that will be passing through it. These new circuits will be cost friendly, faster than its predecessor the flash memory and will also have greater memory density. But the best feature of all will be its ability to maintain its state electronically even after the current has been switched off.

Multi core central processing unit (CPU)
Since the gigahertz have been abandoned, AMD and Intel are trying to come up with new ways in which they can be able to fix more cores on a die so as to increase the processing power of the computer and also be able to offer assistance to the operations that are involved in multi tasking. To be able to do this, they are reducing the sizes of the chips thus fitting everything into a smaller space.

Graphics board
Most people are known to have preference over the old graphics that are integrated due to the cost, the trouble in having one installed and the drain that they have on the battery. However, makers of chips are working on a GPU that is on-die that will incorporate both integrated graphics and stand alone graphics.

USB speeds
One of the great success stories in the computing world was the development of USBs. But with time there was a desire to improve the speed and in effect the performance of the USB. This has led to the development of USB 3.0 that has been referred to as SuperSpeed USB. This USB offers a greater performance of up to 10 times that of its predecessors pushing the total maximum throughput to 4.8 gigahertz as compared to the previous 480 megabytes. Though they will use devises that are different, they will still be compatible with the other old USB ports.

Wireless power transmission
This new technology will offer a way of transporting electricity for a couple of distances without the use of wires that is also safe for the by standers. This technology is basically known to operate on the basics of resonance whereby the electricity is transported as the nearby wires vibrate in frequency that has similar resonance. This will mainly be used for the laptops computers increasing their efficiency.

This is whereby the Ram will have more capacity through new operating system that is being developed by Microsoft. This will involve the combination of both 32 and 64bit versions to give more space and greater speeds.

Google’s operating system
Google is best known for the release of operating systems that work in android phones but they are working on an operating system that can run on desktop computers. They have made attempt at these by releasing the chrome browser that is able to link and interact with other products from Google.
Through the advancement of these hardware devices, computer users will be able to have faster access to their applications through the faster speeds, will be able to multitask with ease and share their applications with the other computers. They will also be able to have success to a wide variety of new applications that are being developed each and every single day making the computers more efficient and convenient for them.