Build a Link Worthy Website

Link building plays an important role is search engine optimization. Google prefers that any links that a website gathers is done organically. The problem is that this is often a very slow and tedious process. Building a site that naturally attracts links is the solution for building organic links in a fast and easy way.

First Impression Count

First impression is important especially on the internet. Whenever a webmaster recommends your site or an article on your site they are placing their stamp of approval on you for their audience to see. It is important that your site looks good because it is unlikely that an unkempt website will ever be recommended. Put your best foot forward and make it easy for other webmasters to help you by making your site recommendation worthy.

Make It Personal

No longer do you need to present yourself and your business as a stuffy and far removed company in order to get more business. In fact the more personal you present yourself the easier it will be for consumers to imagine themselves doing business with you. Use pictures of yourself and staff; add phone, email and social media profiles and your company’s address. By making it personal you are letting your prospective customers in on the person behind the business. Invite them to reach out to you in as many ways possible and when they call or email you need to be just as inviting in person.

Link Worthy Content

What is link worthy content? It is content that provides information with an angle. It is content that motivate people to share. When writing link worthy content you have to write from the beginning to the end with the reader in mind. Include a good hook and keep it interesting all throughout the article. Make sure that the content relates in some way to your business and write in a way that the reader feels that he is sitting over lunch and having a conversation with you. Use relevant images, videos, infographics or audio in a way that supports your written text without taking away from the message or distracting your reader’s attention.

Get Your Readers Involved

Use comment forms and invite your readers to join the conversation. If you want your readers to share your content ask them to do so. There is no better way to get them to share than to ask. Make it easy for them to share by adding buttons for sharing in visible places on in your content. When they leave feedback via comment forms respond to what they write even if it is just to thank them for their contributions.

Links Attract More Links

Have you ever heard the term money attracts more money? Well I’m borrowing that phrase and applying it to links. Start building links for your site first and once you begin you will naturally start to attract links from various places. In fact some webmasters will investigate your website backlink history before they consider recommending your site to their audience.