Pay As You Go SIMs: Great Value for Money

If you are not satisfied with the present mobile phone contract and have a desire to change it without changing your handset, then Pay as You Go SIMs are the best options for you. As the name suggests, it is quite evident that these SIMs enable you to pay according to your usage. Normally there are three options for the users. The first option is that you sign a 12 or 24 month contract with a mobile phone service provider and enjoy their services while retaining the same phone and the same phone number being responsible for any damages incurred on the phone. The second option is the prepaid option that enables you to purchase a prepaid card according to your usage and allows you to purchase another one on completion of the first one. The last option is the SIM Only option where you pay for a 30 day continuing contract. With payments done every month, it gives you the option of ending the contract after every month. Therefore it prevents you from getting into a long contract. You do have to pay the necessary tariffs. However, you can use these SIMs in any mobile phones and so, do not need to buy new handsets.

Unlike the prepaid SIM where you might have to buy a new phone, the Pay as You Go option allows you to use your old phone. With Pay as You Go SIM Only option, you get started on purchasing and installing a SIM card on your phone that you already possess and keep paying according to your usage. These SIM cards are not time bound as no time limits are set. The Pay as You Go SIM Only option also provides you with texting options. The amount of free texting is variable with each company offering different deals.

Vodafone, O2, Orange, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile are the five companies in UK which offer you with the Pay as You Go SIM Only option. Each company has its own set of deals to allure maximum number of customers; however you have to be smart enough to get the best possible deal that will benefit you the most. The Virgin Mobile offers two plans: one is the Addict tariff, offering you with 100 free minutes and 300 free texts with a minimum top up of £10. The other one is Simply 8p tariff, allowing you 8p per minute calls to other landlines and mobile networks in UK and 8p per text to other UK networks.

Vodafone has a wide range of Pay as You Go SIM cards starting with as low as £10 that allows you 75 minutes of talk-time and 500 text messages without worrying about the peak timings and extra charges. O2 is yet another company that offers you 200 minutes of talk-time and 200 text messages with a minimum payment of £15. Orange offers you with a pay monthly deal with more minutes of talk-time and more text messages without binding you in a long contract. T-Mobile starts with a £15 plan allowing 350 minutes of talk-time and 600 text messages making it highly attractive. Therefore the Pay as You Go SIMs is highly flexible offering you with great deals.

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