How to Change AppDelegate in iPhone Devices

An AppDelegate is a class in the iPhone software development kit. It is an aid in doing projects or tasks like an application for your device, especially in iPhone devices. The iPhone software development kit, or SKD for short, has the AppDelegate to be able to control the program interface.

How to Change AppDelegate in iPhone Devices

You can change the interface of the program according to what you prefer for your own iPhone device. The iPhone programming has created this delegate for easier control and changes in your program interface and easier set up of program. You can change or set up your delegate by creating a code for the AppDelegate class in the main source of the file of the application that you are editing.

Changing the AppDelegate SDK class

The first step in changing the AppDelegate in an iPhone is, of course, to open the software of the iPhone app development. After choosing and opening the application project which you wanted to edit, simply look for the source code file for the delegate.

Next is to create the interface. An example for creating an interface is if you in the code UIColor *thecolor; you can have a new color for the application in your iPhone. You can then change the delegate object according to your own preferences. Here are the codes that can help you create the delegate object for the background color object that you have created:

del *appDelegate = (del*)[[UIApplication sharedApplication]delegate];
appDelegate.myColor = [sender backgroundColor];

Now that you know how to change app delegate in an iPhone, you can easily make changes in your applications. Using this delegate class, you’ll be able to easily adjust your apps or proceed into developing your own application. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, since this kind of thing is best done by people of high technical skill.

Final consideration and warnings

If you’re not sure what is the AppDelegate or even the iPhone SDK, there’s a good chance you’d better stay away from trying this procedure. Likewise, if you’re just dabbling with mobile programming and you don’t have much experience with it, make sure to proceed with extra caution while changing your phone, otherwise you may end painting yourself into the figurative corner.

On the other hand, if you really know what you’re doing and have a clear idea of how to apply the AppDelegate class, this article should help you get started with your software development! Have fun, and if you create something truly interesting make sure to share it with us!

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