Kids Education at Lovely Public School Dilshad Garden

The Lovely Public School was established in 1966. Shri R.P. Malik is the founder chairman of LPS and the school’s devoted Director Principal is Dr. (Mrs.) S. D. Malik. The school is run and managed by the Lovely BAL Shiksha Parishad. The society has highly qualified staff and well-educated educationists. The school aims at the all-round development of the child’s personality. Also the school provides facilities of latest techniques prepared to meet the global challenges.

Lovely Public School is an institute of esteemed values in East Delhi. The school has been functioning since three valuable decades. The school aims at inculcating the values of co-operation, discipline, self-confidence and punctuality in its students. Respect for all regions and moral values are instilled in the students in the true spirit.

The school has well-designed buildings covering an area of few acres. There are spacious and well-ventilated class rooms. The school also has well-equipped science laboratories, research centre, multi-purpose halls and playgrounds.The school also provides an ideal innovative and stress free learning environment. Here the student-teacher ratio is very low and facilitates educational programmes.

The school has modern and well-equipped science laboratories. The laboratories are for physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Science. The school also has facilities for experiments and demonstrations.

The school also has a well-equipped Maths Lab. Lovely Public School has a good collection of encyclopedias, reference books and fiction books. The school also has a computer lab that is well-equipped. The lab is used to train students to meet challenges of progressive and informative technology.

Also there is an indoor game room that is equipped with indoor games like table tennis, chess and scrabble. Also there is a Gymnasium and Heath Club where the children get to participate in yoga, meditation, football, swimming, basketball and other sport activities.

Your child will get the best education at Lovely Public School in Delhi. Education is imparted in a well-admistered way so that you’re child becomes a responsible citizen.