Factors To Consider While Fighting Banner Ad Blindness

In online advertising, the most crucial factor that affects the campaign is the advertisement. There are several types of ads, which online marketers use for the campaigns, out of them ‘banner ads’ are one of the oldest and commonly used ads.

Most of the banner ads are prone to the flaw of ‘banner blindness’. In this phenomena, a user surfing through a page, is unaware of the presence of the ad, thus banner ads result in a low cost and low click through rate. Most of the internet marketing companies try to make their banner ad as attractive and visible as possible. The lines below give a detail of fighting the banner ad blindness.

Characteristic of a Good Ad:

The characteristic features, which a good banner ad, void of blindness must possess, are:

  • A proper research
  • Compliant with the goals of campaign
  • An ad that meets the needs of target audience
  • It should run at a place where it gets maximum visibility.

Fighting Banner Ad Blindness:

A detail of how an ad can fight and reduce the probability of blindness in PPC marketing is discussed below.

1. Research:

The research phase of an ad consists of two parts.

  • The first part is concerned with finding the objective of ad, whether the ad is for the purpose of selling, or it is to build the brand. The type of ads designed for both purposes will be quite different.
  • The second part is concerned with user experience, identify what type of experience you wish to provide to the user. This entails the design of landing page, and the optimization of products on landing page.

2. Ad Design:

While designing the banner ad, you should consider the following factors:

  • The first thing you need to ensure is that your ad is attention grabbing as well as action invoking. From attention point of view, it should have a balance between visual and textual ration, and it should contain strong call to actions to provoke a user in taking some action.
  • The ad should have clarity, so that the user knows what you are offering.
  • In writing ad copy, be as realistic and honest as possible. Do not promise for things that are too good to be true.

3. Ad Placement:

You have complete freedom of placing an ad wherever you want to, as long as the publisher approves it. The best places for publishing your ad are:

  • At the top of page
  • Left or right side of page
  • In the middle of page


In short, if you want your ad not to become blind to the surfer, then you need to make it attention-grabbing, action provoking, and it should be placed at a visible location.