Effective Tips For Increasing Viewership Of Your YouTube Videos

Internet is a great resource in spreading out your word and online video sharing can be the best assistance in this regard, as also clearly evident from the massive success of online video sharing concept like YouTube. According to statistics, YouTube enjoys about 3 billion views every single day on average. That is why reaching out to the world by sharing videos via YouTube is very practical and rewarding idea, not only for personal fame, but also for business purposes. Given below are few simple yet effective tips to increase viewership of your YouTube videos.

Extending to YouTube Community

This one serves particularly beneficial for newbies. Every time you are about to share a video on YouTube, intimate your community about it, requesting them to see, like, comment, and recommend your video.

Email update

Experts also find it useful sending a formal mail to your email contact list, telling them about the latest addition to your video archive on YouTube, so that your viewership gets boosted from all aspects and dimensions.

Socialize videos

Socializing your YouTube video as much as possible is yet another good way of maximizing viewership. It is highly advisable to share your latest video(s) on all popular and emerging social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This would also encourage users of social media to comment and re-share your videos, exposing them to maximum number of people.


Embedding them on your Blog

Embedding videos in different posts and posting them on your blogs and websites is also a great way of spreading your videos to a larger audience. In fact, experts also find it extremely helpful for website link building. This also serves great for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Social Bookmarking

Experts also reveal the fact that social bookmarking sites can also help greatly in increasing viewership of YouTube videos. Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc are few most popular social bookmarking sites that can help for this purpose. Doing so becomes even better by embedding the videos right into a blog post and then sharing it. In fact, one can do so for every individual post manually or can also resort to some services that make sure to spread out your video embedded blog posts to different popular social bookmarking sites. Such services can be of great help to any social media marketing Firm. Better yet is to socially bookmark your actual YouTube channel. This would be great to increase traffic, as anyone coming across it will be able to see all the videos posted by you.


Annotations also play a great role in popularizing a video. However, this needs to be done in a perfectly balanced way. One needs to ensure their annotations serve to assist viewers in watching, complementing the videos; rather than being overwhelming enough to distract and disturb their viewing. Keep them big enough to be read conveniently and small enough not to be intrusive in video viewing.


These tips are highly recommended by experts and the best way to get benefited by them is to implement them as effectively as possible. Make sure you do so if you want more of the world to view what you want to share on YouTube.