Lotus Concept School Huda Colony Hyderabad

Lotus Concept School is located in Manikonda in Hyderabad. The School is promoted by M/S Lotus Education Society. The school was established in the year 1999. The school was started with strength of 30 students.

The Management of the School believes that the environment of the school plays a vital role in educating the child. Others factors that are important and should be kept in mind while educating the child are a dedicated teaching staff, teaching concepts and methodology. Lotus Concept School, Manikonda has the vision of preparing the children to face the challenges of tomorrow and to create a natural and stress free environment for holistic skills that are supported by best possible infrastructure.

At the school, the students experience a warm feeling of love, affection, security and confidence. The school extends respect, integrity and individuality to all the students. The atmosphere at the school is stress free and congenial. The school creates an atmosphere for development of intellect, physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual aspects. The school provides a platform where you get to explore your talents and also exhibit the same. Here, it takes very little time for the children to develop bonding with teachers and other peers. The students develop the qualities of public speaking, being truthful and obedient, developing motivation and interest, self-learning and learning in group. Students learn to express their thoughts without fear. The Lotus Concept School, Manikonda aims at creating a proper individual who has zeal to compete in this competitive world.

The aim and objective behind promoting this institution is to provide a stress free environment. The school aims at providing improved methods of learning through better infrastructure, inculcating good qualities and character, better exposure, good communication skills, a sense of spirituality, inculcating moral and ethical values, developing a system that encourages the talent, to develop creativity, to develop self-confidence and dynamism, to develop a sense of love and affection, to make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

The other facilities provided include well-ventilated class rooms, professionally trained faculty, smart classes, smart class on-line, English language program, English language lab, YLE (Young Learners English), ALIVE (a life skill embedded program), a well-stocked library, on-line information system Indoor games Music and dance Smart Class. The students also get to participate in Inter-School Competitions. During the year 2010-11, the students took part in district level sports competitions.

The Lotus Concept School has smart class facility. The smart class consists of a Touch screen digital board, connected to a mimio device computer, UPS and speakers. The smart class is connected to a knowledge center. The main server has around 40,000 modules of digital content designed by companies like Britannica, Eureka and Crocodile Clips etc. The Lotus Concept School is the first school in the Andhra Pradesh area to launch the YLE Program. YLE is Young Learners Exam by Cambridge ESOL. This program helps the students to communicate fluently in English.