Important Things to Consider During a Retargeting PPC Campaign

Retargeting is one of the most common and crucial component of any online marketing campaign. As per this strategy, the ads are repeatedly marketed or displayed to the audience, which has shown interest, or has bought the offerings of the business.

Retargeting requires effective PPC management. A PPC manager needs to understand when to retarget, how frequently to retarget, and what kind of ads to display during retargeting. The lines below give a detail of all these questions concerned with retargeting.

Wait for Sometime– When retargeting in a campaign, don’t retarget hastily, rather you need to give a bit of time to the campaign before you start retargeting. According to the stats:

  • Retargeting a customer while he is still on the website will have no affect at all on the conversion rate.
  • Retargeting the customers within the first four hours of the campaign was found to be more harmful than doing any good to the campaign.
  • Only retargeting the potential buyers after the four hours time, proves to be of benefit, and helps improve conversions.

Don’t Wait long– Waiting too long to start retargeting is as ineffective as doing haste in retargeting. According to the stats of successful retargeting campaigns:

  • The ideal time to retarget the customers is between the sixteen and thirty two hours.
  • The longest time you can wait to start retargeting is 128 hours, after that retargeting has minimal influence on the buyers.

Frequency– Usually in internet marketing, more impressions mean more chances of conversion, but as the impressions cost money, therefore, in a campaign, a time comes when the impressions remain no more cost effective. Therefore, a PPC manager needs to be cautious regarding the display of impression in a retargeting campaign. According to stats:

  • Showing two to eight impressions to a potential buyer is the most effective way to go in a retargeting campaign.

Generic vs. Tailored Ads– The common and valid perception among online marketers is that, the tailored ads work better in a retargeting campaign compared to generic ads. According to the stats of successful retargeting campaigns:

  • The effectiveness of tailored ads tends to decrease with passage of time.
  • Tailored and generic ads have the same effectiveness level in the first 16hours of the campaign.
  • After the first 16hours, the retargeting effectiveness of tailored ads increases considerably, which rises up to 200percent compared to generic ads.


In short, a PPC manager needs to decide upon the time, the frequency, and the nature of ads in a retargeting campaign.