A Review Of The Javita Business Opportunity

Javita MLM Review: Background and Leadership

This coffee Company is based in Florida USA, and is a sister company to Waiora, a Network Marketing company that develops and distributes Healthy Aging products.

The leadership behind the Javita Coffee Network Marketing Company has in excess of 100 years experience between them, in the direct selling industry.

Stanley J. Cherelstein heads Javita Coffee Company. He is also the CEO and president of Waiora. He has also had experience with Unicity and Rexall Showcase International.

Being a MLM company, headed by such experienced leadership, with a proven track record, should only add confidence to any potential Javita independent distributors.

Javita Opportunity Review: Let’s Look At The Coffee Industry

The coffee industry as a whole is estimated to be worth about US$100 billion. There are traditional coffee brands and you only need to walk into any supermarket to see this. You have your famed coffee chain, Starbucks, and you are guaranteed all players within this marketplace want their piece of the market.

In terms of coffee Network Marketing companies, the Javita MLM company will undoubtedly face some competition. Some of the other coffee Multi Level Marketing companies include Healthy Coffee, Gano Excel, Boresha Research and Organo Gold.

There are many other Coffee Network Marketing Companies out there, each with their own differentiating product and differing compensation plans. So blending coffee and the multi level marketing business model has been done before.

Javita Coffee MLM may be new, but there is competition within the coffee marketplace, and any new or prospective Javita Home Business Distributor should keep this in mind.

Coffee By Javita

Javita’s main product is a coffee blend which they promote as “Coffee Evolved”. According to Javita Coffee Company, this is a proprietary blend of herbs and other natural ingredients with organic estate-grown South American coffee.

So why the coffee industry you may ask?

Firstly, Network Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get products to the end consumer. You obviously get paid for your efforts (handsomely in some cases).

Additionally, everyone knows coffee. After water, coffee is also the second most consumed drink. It’s also the second most traded commodity, only surpassed by oil. Roughly 200 billion cups of coffee are consumed each and every day around the world.

There are many benefits to drinking coffee, and I will mention just two: 1. It helps you think. 2. It helps you perform.

Javita has brought coffee and direct selling together.

The Hype And Noise Surrounding The Javita Coffee Business Opportunity

The Javita Coffee Network Marketing Company used a social media and viral marketing campaign, dubbed “Reserve Your Cup”, to advertise the business opportunity and the coffee Being in pre-launch, this caught on, and a lot of people got on the bandwagon early, because it was free to reserve your spot within the company.

Though there are advantages and drawbacks to pre-launch Network Marketing companies, a lot of people do love them.

On the plus side, Javita is a sister company to Waiora, which has not had any major problems I have heard of. Javita’s position, as a pre-lauch MLM, means you can potentially be in one of the top positions within the organisation, and build a large downline

A disadvantage of pre-launch MLMs, is establishing marketshare within and industry where there are established brands, as well as other teething problems.

While the company is in pre-lauch phase, I expect a lot of information to spread about Javita; it will eventually quiet down when it’s no longer free to get in on the action.

A Look At The Javita Compensation Plan

The Javita review couldn’t be complete without looking at the Javita comp plan.

The Javita Coffee Company comp plan is based on the sale of coffee; there are no structure requirements, it is all volume-based. Javita independent distributors can earn 2 types of income, specifically, immediate and long-term.

These two types of income are contained within 8 income sources.

According to the Javita comp plan, distributors receive a 30% commission paid on retail sales, and this is paid weekly.

The compensation plan also includes a “Fast Start Bonus” as well as a unilevel residual bonus that pays 4% to the 14th level: this is competitive, since unilevel comp plans generally max out at 7 levels.

There is also a Manager’s and Director’s bonus. This is a monthly bonus based on a flat percentage of the company’s monthly revenue, paid out to Directors and Managers.

How To Get Started With The Javita MLM Business Opportunity

To get started with the Javita coffee home business, you have one of two options: 1. Start out at a low price of US$99 OR 2. Start out at the high price of US$599.

This way, you get an initial distributor kit, which includes marketing tools and resources to spread the word about your business. There is also a monthly autoship of US$70.

The high price entry point gives you more product and eligibility for the company’s Rank Advancement and Matching Bonus.

Javita Tips: Marketing Your Javita Coffee Business Opportunity

To make money with the Javita Coffee MLM Opportunity, you have to sell product and recruit others to do the same. In principle, it sounds like something you could do with your warm market. If you are going to let your prospects sample your product, then this will eventually become costly; you will have to introduce the business and products to many people.

With your autoship, you will only get a limited amount of product.

Javita’s replicated websites allow for Independent Distributors to share the opportunity and products with their friends on the social networks These same replicated websites, the Javita Independent distributors can use for retail purchases and sign ups.

Javita’s replicated websites will not allow you to brand yourself. These replicated websites let you immediately start telling your prospects about Javita and the wonderful Javita products and financial opportunity; you need to let your prospect know about you and the value that you bring first, by establishing a relationship with them.

To find success with your Javita Coffee MLM Business Opportunity, you need to master attraction marketing and lead generation. This way, you have an unlimited number of people to talk to about your Javita Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

Javita states that independent distributors will be provided with training in terms of marketing strategies, personal development and team-building tips. However, from the way their current marketing efforts are going, it looks like that training will be geared towards immediately getting your friends to know about Javita and their products. This is a good thing, but before this happens, it’s important to build relationships with your prospects.

The Javita coffee home business seems credible, and their leadership has the necessary experience to make this business work. If you are able to market and attract laser-targeted prospects to you, you will find success with your Javita Coffee Network Marketing Business. If you can do this, and do it effectively, you can write your own paycheck from Javita.