The First Impression Of The Window Phone 7.5

The Samsung Focus is preloaded with the final build of the Windows Phone 7.5 codenamed Mango. The Windows phone offers a clean and intuitive user interface that works quite well. Windows phone was originally lacking a few features. For example, the NoDo update added a copy and paste but the operating system still felt like it was lacking something. Windows Phone 7.5 put into play the Microsoft’s motto “put people first,” and they did a good job enforcing that motto. There are a lot of changes now to Mango. A few changes that stood out from the new Windows phone 7.5 would be Groups and Chat Integration, APP connect, Tell me text – to – speech, Internet Explorer 9, and Wrap – Up.

The focus of the Windows Phone 7.5 was getting your friends and family close. The SMS inbox now has now automatically integrated with Facebook chat and Windows live messenger, to allow you to stay connected with friends and family. In the works is the support for Google chat and other clients such as AIM messenger.

App connects stood out because of the compelling new feature in Windows Phone 7.5. For example, if you are planning on going to the movies and you use your Window Phone to search for the nearest theater, the phone will automatically pull in any movie – related application that are installed and query them for the results.

Tell me text technology now allows you to search the web or compose a text message by using just your voice. The search option is commanded by your voice. This makes text messaging easier while you are driving. There will be no need to look at your phone to text message someone.

Internet Explorer 9 works very well and it also includes a search bar at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. It makes much more sense this way on a mobile phone where your thumbs are always near the bottom of the display screen. Websites look great and were smooth thanks to the support of the hardware – accelerated graphics and JavaScript engine. The Windows phone 7.5 still doesn’t support the Flash content, which of course is not a deal.

Windows Phone 7.5 has added so many features that are more user friendly and fun to use. Microsoft and its Windows Phone partners, which now is Nokia, has big plans on the platform moving forward. The company and its partners are now currently training store employees to use and assist customers with the devices in an attempt to boost up sales. Windows Phone 7.5 is definitely moving in the right direction.