Work From Home And Make Money Online – The Human Cost

Marion Herbertson & The Jeremiah2911 Team The Human Cost of learning how to market online Marion Herbertson and The Jeremiah2911 Team have quickly become synonymous with making money online aE�aE�. With integrity. Is this the reason why you see so many instances of her name being advertised by others? Is it simply people attempting to suggest they know and work with Marion Herbertson, or is it their way of acknowledging she is a leader in her field? With more and more people flocking to make their fortunes online, the world of Home Business Opportunities is quickly becoming reminiscent of the Wild, Wild West. An army of cowboys and bandits lurk at every corner, ready to relieve the unwitting aEoenewbieaE� of their possessions. However, these bandits are not your usual easily recognizable rough and ready sort aE” they’re usually the silver-tongued, money flashing, clever marketing type – luring you in with promises of untold wealth aE” overnight. In the best case scenario they are an irresponsible bunch aE” making their money online by introducing you to a great business aE” but then leaving you floundering without all the support and training they promised. It is in this context that Marion Herbertson had this to say:- aEoeWhile online is definitely the way forward in terms of financial freedom, working from home, making money online and opting out of the rat-race aE” it surprises me how many people make unwise choices.aE� Marion Herbertson goes on to say:- There are FOUR components to making money online aE”

1. A legitimate online home business

2. High quality, in-demand products

3. The right mindset & expectations However, none of these actually matter if you don’t have aE”

4. The support from the right team and mentor.aE� Marion Herbertson explained that sadly, the casualties continue to grow in the world of online marketing. With making money from home being the ultimate solution to so many of today’s economic woes, dishonest marketers out there are having a field day with their Get Rich Schemes. The stories abound on the internet she said aE” simply take a look at relevant forums or do a search online. To add to this misery, unfortunately some legitimate online business are being totally misrepresented and mis-sold by unscrupulous marketers. You would think the results would be sufficient to alert the most naive of home biz op seekers, right? Apparently not. You see, Marion Herbertson explains that the truth of the matter seems to be that it doesn’t matter how often we get our fingers burned by these Get Rich Quick schemes and the marketers who flash their fast cash, lifestyles and cars aE” at the end of the day, most people naturally gravitate towards them, because they want nothing more than to GET RICH QUICK!! Unfortunately, they haven’t quite realised that in good old fashioned terms, there’s no such thing as a free breakfast! Is it all doom and gloom then? Thankfully not. There are very ordinary, everyday people making extra-ordinary incomes online. What is their secret? Marion Herbertson explain that THEY got the four components to making money online right.

1. They have a legitimate online home business: They were prepared to pay for quality. Remember nothing comes from nothing aE” nothing ever could (do you feel a song coming on? 😉 )

2. They have high quality, in-demand products: They have a range of good quality products that do not confine them to any particular niche but gives them the ability to sell to a number of highly profitable niches.

3. They have the right mindset & expectations: They are prepared to learn, to work and to be challenged. Yes you can earn the equivalent of your GP’s income in 1 year from start-up aE” not the 7 or 8 he dedicated to getting there. But don’t fall about and complain at the first sign of an obstacle, said Marion Herbertson. This is your business aE” be prepared to treat is as one. People who make money online are the ones who treat their business as a real business. However, and here comes the big HOWEVER, as Marion Herbertson explained, none of these actually matter if you don’t have aE”

4. The support from the right team and mentor: This is perhaps the most important underpinning facet of your progress online. Unless you really know how to market online, you neglect this crucial component at your own peril. Marion Herbertson explains that the most important factor which leads to your success is a mentor who has provided a safe team environment, where all the tools are already in place to ensure you can grow your businesses effectively. With this in mind she encourages you to look for a team that provides regular, interactive training and support, 24/7 chat rooms and a mentor who cares enough to put all of that in place, not just for her own team members, but for their team members too Ultimately says Marion Herbertson, the choice is yours. The human cost of learning how to market online is far too high as it is. Don’t become another statistic aE” she encourages you to do your homework thoroughly. With the right team and mentor, the right home business becomes a life changing experiencing —- for all the right reasons.