What Do You Expect In a School to Contribute In Your Child’s Life

The role of a school is to develop the character of the child such that it emerges in the most natural way possible. A school is also said to be an institute that prepares a child for life. However, it is seen that most nurseries stop with developing the social behavior of the child, while the mainstream schools focus on the academic learning but is that enough? Schools complain that there is no time to finish the syllabus and teacher’s complain of the same.

While a number of children attempt the Board exam, why are so many committing suicides? A child psychologist replied saying “the fabric of character has become weak and they think its useless if they can’t get into an IIT or become a doctor”.

They think it’s the end of the world because the conditioning at home is so, and the condition at school is the same. With test and tests, few students have had supportive and strong parents to tell them that the route they take is good, that living well matters more than getting 90%, or even becoming a doctor.

It is expected that schools contribute by first turning their students into mature and responsible human beings before they can train them to be doctors or engineers. The outlook towards education and life has narrowed so badly that the contribution of a school to a child’s life has been restricted to tuitions, report cards, marks and more marks. Schools need to become broad think tanks, worried about the characters they churn out into society.

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