School Fees Planning-Efficiently Reduce The Cost To Private Education

The cost of independent education is typically of the order of £300,000 per child, yet the vast majority of parents pay their school fees out of income without any significant school fee planning. Regardless of your financial situation there are always good reasons why you should plan school fees. Whether the fees are readily affordable or not, this is unlikely to be the most efficient way to pay school fees. Whatever your circumstances are, school fees planning will reduce the cost of private education.

SFIA the leading School Fees Planning Organisation

SFIA is the market leader in school fees planning with a proven track record dating back to 1952. When clients come to SFIA for advice on School Fees Planning, we believe that this is only the beginning of a long term relationship. Our aim is to help our clients financially throughout their lifetimes. SFIA are a well established and respected broker in the marketplace and can obtain beneficial rates for its clients. We are the first organisation to specialise in the field of school fees planning and have invaluable experience. SFIA have a network of school fees planning specialists throughout the UK who are all reputable and experienced professionals and able to help you in any financial matter. We will assign a qualified school fees planning specialist in your local area as your adviser. They are likely to have knowledge of the schools you have in mind.

School Fees Planning Solutions

Tax relief is not available on school fees directly, but there are many opportunities to reclaim and minimise tax. SFIA have proven school fees planning strategies to reduce or recover income, capital gains and inheritance tax, the proceeds of which can be put into your school fees plan. SFIA’s Tax Planning Division offers a vast array of tax solutions, both ready-made and bespoke for our higher-earning clients. Contact us for more information. For those that qualify, our School Fees Pension Plan is often the best option. By extending the time you pay your school fees, you may, frequently without any extra monthly cost, build up a substantially greater pension fund and pay off your fees. The additional tax relief gained can often be more than the original school fees! For higher earners there are investment plans that would be even more beneficial. Contact us for further information. Having decided to educate your children independently is it important to take appropriate advice to ensure the continuity of their education. There are products available that protect school fees payment in the event of redundancy, unemployment or accident and sickness. Parents may also build a reserve fund to draw upon in case of unforeseen financial problems.

Good school fees planning may reduce the cost of education by 50% or more and ensure that your child completes their independent education regardless of a change in circumstances.