Salwan Junior Public School In Naraina Vihar Delhi

Salwan Junior Public School is located in A-Block of Naraina Vihar. The school has a very well-developed infrastructure. The school has a well-developed computer lab, library, music room, dance room, arts room, science lab, medical room, jungle gym and lawns. Maj. Gen. J.K. Kapoor (Retd) is the chairman of the school. The Salwan Education Trust (SET) aims at the all round development of the child.

The school believes that all round development of the child can be achieved through constant efforts of both teachers and parents. The school is also laying stress on the girl child who is the potential mother of our future generation. The school has carved a niche for itself and is forging ahead to scale new peaks. Education at the school requires a holistic approach that encompasses the development of the body, intellect and spirit.

The school organizes special programs. The school counselor aims to facilitate behavior change, enhances coping skills, promotes decision making, improves relationships and also facilitates the child’s potential. The successful counseling of the children depends on parental relationship and support.

The motto of Salwan Junior Public School highlights the values of the Indian Culture. The motto of the school is joy lies in sharing and giving rather than receiving. The school renders service to fellow citizens, where the self has no meaning. The rising sun symbolizes the emergence of the light of the knowledge from the darkness of Ignorance. The vision of the school is its mission.

The mission of the school is to be a role model in the neighbourhood in the field of primary education, to inculcate cultural and moral values, to spot the talent and prepare the students for national level competitions in sports, music and dance. The school aims to take part in exchange programmes to broaden the horizon of students and teachers. The school aims at a cleaner and greener Earth through community service and environmental projects. The school aims to instill a feeling of national pride and patriotism among the students.

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