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Either you would like to start a new business or you already have a business and you need few business tips and tricks, tools or services to improve your business profitability or simply make your professional life as easy and as enjoyable as your personal life, you are in the right place!My name is Majid Azar AKA Maj, I am 36 years old and I am a Business Developer and Business Consultant in Melbourne Australia.As an entrepreneur, I have managed to break the code and achieve full freedom and fulfillment in my professional and personal lifestyle. Hence I have managed to reduce my work hours from 60 to 16 hours per week and enjoy the rest with socializing and enjoying such a beautiful life. I called it FREEDOM!During my one on one consultancy, I do provide full complete solutions to my clients either starting a new online or offline business or all small to midsize business owners.I do provide full complete solution to new business starters to establish their Dream Business in the most cost effective way. I feel proud and joyful to see them succeed their dreams with my complete solution package. This is an education that pays for itself.I do also help small to midsized business owners to improve their business by reducing cost in many different ways, turn their business to green business by introducing digitization, implementing different new marketing methods to attracting more clients more often.My one on one consultancies triggered My Business Central idea to centralize all information, manuals, tools and services to reach out everyone world wide.As you may noticed some of this website’s modules are under construction and at this time only all free products and information are available to you at this site.My Business Central is offering you a complete solution for your offline or online business. I don’t believe in working hard, I believe in working smart. I can show you how to work less and make more out of our time.This is not a secret! I have the formula here!Regardless of what industry you are in and what sort of trading you do, either you are a service provider, manufacturer, shop front, a business with sales / technician team out there or run your business from your home office or you are a true mobile business, I assure you that you will find the use of some of this site’s products and services extremely useful to improve your current or future online or offline business.I have gathered The best solution, products and services in the Market for less from the best and respectable businesses worldwide for you.Your search is over, you can find all your business essentials in here!These are three steps away to get a little bit closer to either start your New Dream Business or improve your current offline or online Business.1. Browse My Business Central website2. Listen to My Podcast3. Subscribe to My Newsletter to get access to my FREE eBooks and keep up-to-date with all new products and services coming in near future.If you need a one on one consultancy in Melbourne and surrounding, to either kick start your New Dream Business or improve your current business please contact me for a FREE quote and possible booking, I also do provide one on one consultancy world wide over Internet or phone for selective clients.Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you find this site useful to your current or future business.I wish you an ultimate success in your personal and business lifestyle.Enjoy this site and its contentsVisit Business Central