How To Pick A Gold And Silver Network Marketing Business Opportunity That Will Shine For You

Why Would You Join A Silver And Gold Network Marketing Business Opportunity

The cost of living is rising and the value of your currency is going down. Inflation is definitely REAL!

There is also an increase in the number of people looking for home business opportunities. This has been necessitated by downsizing, companies not hiring, rising costs of living due to inflation, rising healthcare, volatile stock markets, etc.

The world over, here’s what’s happening right now: 1. People are losing their jobs 2. People are losing their homes through foreclosures 3. Businesses are going down 4. People are filing for bankruptcy 5. Countries are going into record deficits 6. People are losing the value in their savings, stock market investments and pension schemes.

Gold and silver have been used as money for thousands of years. Most economies use debt-based currencies, so a true hedge against inflation becomes necessary. This is because, all debt-based currencies lose their value with each year.

With savings and pensions losing value, a lot of people are not prepared for retirement. At the same time, many people are looking for time and financial freedom.

A bullion Network Marketing business opportunity offers real, tangible assets, unlike most other Multilevel Marketing companies which have juices, pills, household products, and other products you have to consume on a monthly basis.

If you do your research however, you’ll find that there are many different gold and silver Multilevel Marketing companies out there. Some examples include Numis Network, Younique Wealth Sense, Xag Network, Preservation Of Wealth and KB Gold.

These bullion Network Marketing companies all have different products, systems, leaders and compensation plans.

What’s Your Motivation For Participating In A Bullion Multilevel Marketing Business

Are you looking to buy your silver and gold at a low price, with the hope of selling it much higher? Maybe your interest is numismatic coins and you’re looking for a Network Marketing opportunity that’s centred on collectibles? Perhaps your interest is long-term wealth preservation, with a focus on gold and silver?

With this in mind, you will note that silver and gold Network Marketing companies are not all equal.

What You Should Consider Before Joining A Silver And Gold Home Business

When deciding on a gold and silver home business opportunity, there are certain factors you should look at beforehand. I will touch on these factors below, to help you get a deeper understanding of the different types of silver and gold Multi Level Marketing opportunities out there.

#1 – What Products Does The MLM Company Sell? You would be inclined to say that a gold and silver MLM Company markets and distributes gold and silver. Apart from the silver and gold products, are there any other products that the MLM company offers its customers and representatives?

The main concern, when it comes to products, should be about ownership. If, you’re focussed on long-term wealth creation and preservation, then the issue of ownership is something you may want to think about seriously.

Many silver and gold Multi Level Marketing businesses are selling government-issued coins. Effectively, the issuing government owns the coin, and you, as the customer, are the legal bearer; you do not own these coins in any way (no matter what you say or think). If you believe you are the owner, try melting one of these coins in front of a government representative.

The Multilevel Marketing Business’s products should also be the business’s primary income source. If this is not the case, then this should be a warning flag to you.

Compare prices with other Multi Level Marketing as well as non-MLM bullion dealers and businesses. Is there potential for profit on the products? This justifies the compensation plan.

Depending on the bullion MLM Company you are looking at, you will find that the products could be numismatics, gold and silver collectibles (non-numismatics), and ordinary silver and gold products.

Though silver and gold are considered to be investments, Network Marketing representatives in some of these companies, are advertising the products as investments, where that is not the case.

Different gold and silver products will appeal to different MLM reps and different markets, so do your homework and understand the products you will potentially be advertising. Gold and silver value is based mostly on precious metal content, and depending on the products, other factos are well (rarity, condition and collector demand).

Are you interested in the coin grade, or the gold and silver content (melt value), and what will your customers be interested in? The wider variety of product quantities being sold, the better off you are.

If there was no opportunity to make money, would you still be interested in the products? Perhaps this is one of the most important questions for you to ask yourself as well.

#2 – Consider The Leadership Of Your Chosen Silver And Gold Multilevel Marketing Business Opportunity The leaders of an organization determine just how successful it will be. Through the leadership, you will be able to determine the company’s industry relationships and supply and distribution channels, which will be pivotal to providing product during times of peak demand for example.

#3 – The Compensation Plan Of The MLM Business You need to understand how you get paid, and how soon you become cash flow positive. If Gold home business distributors can’t get into profit quickly, they will move on.

#4 – Will You Receive Quality Training With Your Silver And Gold MLM Business It’s fine to receive silver and gold, and the platform to market them, but you need wisdom. You need to determine what training you will receive: 1. Pertaining to the products themselves 2. About sponsoring and recruiting Network Marketing Reps into the opportunity and promoting the products.

Make sure others are successful with this training, and it’s something you can learn and apply quickly.

#5 – How Much Does It Take To Operate Your Gold And Silver Opportunity What you should try to avoid is a silver and gold Multi Level Marketing business opportunity that makes money out of you and delivers less in bullion and value. The company’s primary income shouldn’t be from reps joining the company, but rather from actual product sales.

#6 – How Will Your Spread The Word And Build Your Home Business? Of great significance is the Silver And Gold Multi Level Marketing Organization’s marketing plan and the resources you receive to help you in promoting your business. These should be simple to understand, yet effective. This is a business of leverage, so your tools should be utilized accordingly.

It’s also imperative that you consider the Multi Level Marketing Company’s buy-back policy. Do they give you a strong buy-back guarantee, and is the price competitive? There will obviously be a time when you have to sell your bullion products.

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