Efoods Global Review – Is It A Viable Business Opportunity?

eFoods Global [formerly Sundance Global] is a new home business opportunity that’s become available to the public very recently. Currently they are promoting an internet marketing model whereby the enrollee (or independent business owner) can simply join the program, consume the product on a monthly basis, and earn points on a PV system that will pay commissions to that IBO for their order and every order placed by customers they introduce to the company.This, of course, is the typical MLM marketing model – nothing new here. As far as multilevel companies go, when a new (or sometimes established) company decides to offer a multilevel marketing model to the general public, and provide the opportunity of being an independent distributor, most of them will typically adopt some sort of startup phase. This is to focus on recruiting distributors, generating buzz, and building momentum before actually shipping any product or providing any service.During the startup phase there can oftentimes be tons of hype about the company, about where it’s going, and about how “global domination” is logically inevitable, and how their greatest whiz-bang product – that they have the exclusive, patented rights to produce – will alter the axis of the MLM world as we know it.But the plain fact of the matter is, people want to know if it’s authentic. They want to know there’s some sense of peace of mind behind the promise. They want to know.1.) “What’s in it for me?”2.) “Does it make sense?”3.) “Can I use it?”4.) “Can I afford it?”5.) “Would I even go and explain it to my Mom?”In reality, not all companies own up to this hype, and not all products make reasonable sense. In fact, a lot of the products you find in today’s Multi-level opportunities would be considered ‘spendy’ items for those just starting out. Although someone may get all starry-eyed at a comp plan, or have wonderful expectations of grandeur, most are probably thinking.”If I can just hold back enough money for my monthly order for about two or three months, then surely I’ll be in the green by then. Then it will make more sense to use more of it, which will increase my sales, which will increase my bottom line..and so on, and so on..”Sound familiar?Well, the solution to all of this, and the resolution for any prospective distributor, would simply be to offer.1.) Something that offers value on a regular basis2.) Something that makes actual sense3.) Something you can use at least every few days4.) Something that can put into your ‘normal monthly budget.’5.) Something that you can’t wait to let others know about!In other words, you’ve got to go with an opportunity that lines up with your values.otherwise, you’re just going to sabotage any success you desire from a home business. Now to the case at hand.eFoods Global has in fact stepped up to the mark and started things off the right way. From the very start you can rest assured that they stand behind their product 100%. In fact, they’re so assured in their products that right now they are offering to give you a sample free of charge (you pay a nominal shipping fee), just to prove their point.This way you get customers involved in the process and add value up-front so that they can be persuaded quickly. By doing this it becomes quite easy to get folks to take action quickly and join the opportunity. It’s a much better approach than asking them for money from the get-go. It will put them at ease and let the business speak for itself.I truly believe that eFoods Global is set to explode and become an extremely viable home based opportunity for those looking to make some extra income, or even replace their existing income!