Doon Public School Kanehipur Orissa

Doon Public School is an English medium school in Kanehipur, Orissa. It is a co-educational Senior-Secondary School that combines the best in educational practices.

The school aims at imparting quality education. The school also aims that there is proper physical, mental and moral growth of the students. It is ensured that the mental horizons are enlarged. Efforts are made to broaden the outlook of the pupils by inculcating the reading habits in students and also book culture. It is ensured that the aesthetic sense of the children in expanded and they learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and everything that is animate and inanimate.

The pupils are provided with opportunities that help them to participate in co-curricular activities. The school also helps in appreciating and understanding the problems of the children. Values of team spirit, co-operation and concern are also inculcated in the students.

The students at Doon Public School Kanehipur are taught using Smart Technology Empowered classrooms. The school has computer aided teaching and learning through smart class. There are also Smart Assessment System (SAS) in all the classes. It allows the students to assess and evaluate learning that is achieved by students. The school also has a wi-fi Multi Media Computer Lab. This Lab has TFT Monitors and also Internet facility.

There is also a digital library that has more than 15,000 books. The students here are provided Intranet Connection. This helps the students in reference to work, project work etc. Some other facilities provided at the school include Well Stocked Library, Music and Dance rooms. Other facilities provided include vocal Music and Dance – Indian Classical, Western and Folk. Instruments that the students can learn playing are keyboard, guitar, violin, table, flute, mandolin, harmonium and school brass band.

Other sports that the students can learn playing are basket Ball, volley ball, foot ball, cricket and badminton. Children can also learn yoga, aerobics and martial arts. Other sports that children can learn include taekwondo, roller skating, athletics and play swings. Also there is a well-equipped gymnasium, table tennis, chess and other Indoor games. Abacus education is also adopted at the school.

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