GlobalFoundries Inc. Touts HKMG, Factory Expansions for New Chips

At its All-around Technology Conference in Santa Clara, C.A. this morning, GlobalFoundries Inc. said it was accretion all of its factories and continuing to invest, admitting apropos about the all-around economy.

GlobalFoundries CEO Ajit Manocha said the company, which formed back AMD’s accomplishment arm alloyed with pure-play branch Chartered Semiconductor, wants to be apparent as a branch accomplice rather than a arrangement manufacturer. Indirectly demography aim at adversary TSMC, Manocha said that, while historically the branch bazaar has geographically centralized, with pre-packaged technology and acquaintance R&D, GlobalFoundries wants to be globally broadcast with optimized architecture solutions and collaborative innovation.

The aggregation now has over 150 customers, 11,000 employees, 6,000 patents, and affairs $8 billion in basic accessories spending in 2010-2011.

Having alien tens of bags of high-k/metal-gate (HKMG) wafers (mostly AMD “Llano” chips), GlobalFoundries calmly acme its branch competitors.

Manocha has affairs to expand. He’s committed to ramping the Dresden ability to 80,000 dent starts per month, including 28nm HKMG production, and accretion the company’s Singapore fab to 40/45 nm production. A fresh branch in Saratoga County, N.Y. that will alpha with 32nm assembly and move to 28nm. is accessible for accessories now, about two months advanced of schedule.

Jim Kupec, chief VP of sales and marketing, said the semiconductor industry has developed from $15 billion to $314 billion over the accomplished 30 years. Various technology improvements accept fueled the growth, from the addition of CMOS technology in the mid-1980s to chestnut interconnects, artificial silicon, and HKMG in added contempo years. All told, he talked about how PCs accept added 1000-fold in speed, while prices accept decreased eightfold. But in amount per pound, he said, appraisement has absolutely quadrupled, admitting the amount of chestnut is up sixfold in that period.

“Let’s drive appraisement upwards instead of downwards,” Kupec told an admirers of dent architecture companies, adage the industry deserves to get at atomic the appraisement of commodities.

Going forward, Kupec discussed semiconductors that could be acclimated for genome sequencing and creating holograms. He batten about architecture a $1 abundance semiconductor business over the abutting 30 years.

Gregg Bartlett, chief VP of technology and affiliation engineering, acicular out a “fundamental shift” in the industry as smartphones and tablets now outsell claimed computers. This is active amount in the industry, with added awful chip accessories and semiconductors now accounting for a above allotment of the amount of customer electronics.

He talked about three levels: high-performance computing; active applications and networking; and wireless adaptable accretion and customer devices.

Despite some apropos about the company’s “gate-first” HKMG process,

GlobalFoundries was able to appearance a 3GHz Cortex-A9 on 28nm – HPP (high power) and 2 GHZ on a 28nm-SLP (low power) process. Bartlett mentioned how AMD has been able to address its “Llano” Fusion A-series on GlobalFoundries’s 32nm process.

An AMD agent showed demonstrations of the processor, spotlighting gaming performance, video angel stabilization, and angel enhancements.

Bartlett again pitched approaching 32nm products, including AMD’s “Orochi” processors (based on the Bulldozer core) accessible after this year, and “Trinity” out abutting year.

“HKMG is hard,” Bartlett said. He’s abstruse admired lessons: abstracts alternative is not enough, it additionally has to be chip into the design; and SRAM crop is not a acceptable augur of the absolute action actuality made. The company’s 28nm aggregate action will use the assemblage and ability that the aggregation abstruse in accomplishment the 32nm AMD products.

Coming up this year will be a 28-nm SLP (low-power) process, a 28nm-HPP aimed at networking and active applications, and a fresh 28nm-LPH action co-developed with Samsung for high-end adaptable computing. This is allotment of a fresh “Fab Sync” collective development accord formed by GlobalFoundries, Samsung, and others to accompany up their factories.

Bartlett said GlobalFoundries will action 20nm assembly in 2013 and said this will accommodate a 2X advance in aboideau body with 35 percent more good performance. At this node, the collective development accord will move to a gate-last process.

Even added out, Bartlett aggregate how the aggregation and its ally accept been attractive at FinFet or Tri-Gate processors, but did not see the charge for this at 20 or 22nm, as the aggregation already has SOI technology that allows for low ability SoCs. However, the aggregation is attractive at multi-gate FinFETS, antecedent affectation optimization, ET-SOI, fresh materials, and fresh packaging approaches for 14nm and beyond.

EUV is important for the industry, and Bartlett said he expects a assembly akin ASML EUV apparatus will be installed in the company’s upstate Fresh York fab in the fourth division of 2012.

Bartlett bankrupt with the accent of an ecosystem and alive with IBM, Albany Nanotech, Sematech, IMEC and others in upstate Fresh York.

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