What Your Prospective Customers Expect from Your Website

What Your Prospective Customers Expect from Your Website

As a business owner, you may have great expectations from your website. It is important to realise that your prospective customers too, have expectations from your website. These expectations need to be met to convert visitors into customers, and to have your website deliver desired business results.

With so much depending on meeting user expectations, it is no surprise that a professional website design Widnes service includes research of target audience as a key aspect of its web design process.

What Your Prospective Customers Expect from Your Website

Good Aesthetics and Functionality

A design that is with the times is a must to convey that your company is in sync with its audiences’ changing tastes. Factors such as easy navigation, simple and uncrowded webpages, high quality real-life images, faster page loading, and clear calls-to-action, are some factors essential for a good user experience.

Your website should also respond to rapidly-changing device preferences of users, which necessitates a responsive design. Professional website design Widnes companies are increasingly emphasizing the need for a responsive design to deliver good website experience.

Clear Company Information

Your prospective customers want to know about your company and your products/services. Ensure that you give the latest information such that they find it easy to locate, read and understand. Ensure that all website links direct visitors to the correct page.

Your prospective customers must get enough information from your website to consider taking the next step, which could be requesting a demo, making a purchase, or simply submitting a form.

Highlight contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, for easy user visibility. Making visitors search for contact information invites the risk of losing them to frustration.

Trust-Inspiring Details

The first and foremost in this section must be your physical location address. Include an address even if you are a solely online company as an address conveys business credibility. Other elements to include to inspire trust for your brand and expertise, include:

  • Use of SSL to convey that your website is safe. Prospective customers want to know if using sensitive information (e.g. login passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) on your website would be safe. An SSL certification is an indication of data security.
  • An About Us section that talks about your company history, and gives information on key members of your team.
  • Customer testimonials – Have more than a good word from your previous clients? Display them prominently.
  • Awards and Recognition – Include awards, and memberships with reputed associations in your industry, in this category. Include items such as press releases and positive reviews from independent sources to raise your credibility quotient.

Include your experience in the industry and certifications obtained for best business practices.

Your prospective customers stay for only a few seconds on your website, and you need to make an impact within these precious few seconds, to make a client out of them. It is therefore crucial to ensure that each website element serves a purpose for your prospective customers.

Hiring a professional website design Widnes service can make your website design process stress-free, and help you build a website that is true to the needs of your target audience.