Apple MacBook Air 2015: Rumours and Possibilities

MacBook Air 2014

Apple is working hard on an ultra thin 12 inch MacBook Air in the year 2015. It’s set to revolutionize with stunning performance and behavior. The device could be having an ultra slim model to the portable MacBook Air 2015 productivity. Along with a revamped model design and thinner structure, it is far to produce with high resolution. Since, the retina display might offer an outstanding visual experience for the look. This may be assembled with safety and silent operation of Intel low power core processor. Also, it might be designed with the track pad option that incorporate mechanical button. The color variations will go to set same in the previous MacBook Air 2015. It is possible to coexist with existing products for a short time before having set forward from retina screened sibling. It’s mainly going to design with low power chips and with silent operation. It’s definitely going to set forward to release those mesmerising products.


According to Apple, the 12 inch MacBook Air 2015 will includes a retina display with possible resolution at the point. It could upgrade with those display resolutions in 2015. It might get the display with silent operation with its design and characteristics. Well, the KGI securities will have to analyze the design for those new coming products. It gives the ultra thin model down on both size and weight. It will design according to slim suit for handling purposes. Like the retina display, it will be designed with incredible thin and slim with better performance. It will be designed under the thin and slim design for easy handle. It is designed to build with an Intel core M processor, which allows for Fanless operation for MacBook Air 2015 and thus more space for battery cells inside the machine. The design could have narrowed to display stretches right to the edges of the machine. This will have to set with track pad to reduce the mechanical buttons. It could be expected to design under various elements such as silver, gold, and space Gray color options. This also expected to design with Broadwell Y core M processors, which are designed to combine high performance and low power for efficient devices. It is rumored that, the 4.5 Watt processor aims to use high factors as the chips are designed to run both silent and cool. It is also expected that, it does not need for an internal fan. Also, it is expected to run under 1.2GHz with max turbo process. It also sets forward to expect to HD 5300 graphics that supports turbo frequencies up to certain limits for MacBook Air 2015.


The upcoming MacBook Air 2015 could include the slim and sleek features that provide addition of look for the device. Additional features like 802.11ac WI-Fi connectivity imparts the features of that MacBook Air 2015. Well, the flash storage will expected to release under thunderbolt 2 ports. The USB type C connector expects to allow the USB port to be inserted in any notebook orientation. Wait and expect the date to release for the stunning performance of upcoming Apple products.

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