How to Convert MP4 to DVD on Mac

MP4 is a popular video format widely used on Apple mobiles and Mac computers .However the format is not compatible for DVD files. Thus in order to play the MP4 format on DVD you must convert the same into a video format which the DVD can recognize. The conversion of MP4 to DVD on Mac is pretty simple. The mentioned process can be achieved by following two popular processes: Burning and Conversion program. In fact these are not complicated process and you do not need a degree to do the same.

You can begin by simply downloading and installing the complementary DVD burning software for Mac on your Mac Desktop. After installation you must run the software and then select the tab that reads “Video”. You will find this tab on top of the page.

Once you have completed the mentioned process you can select the MP4 Format and drag it to the centre of the burn software .Now click the button that reads “Yes”. This button will pop up in a different page that seeks permission for converting the file to MPEG2 format.

The next step is to click on the menu and select the window that reads”NTSC”. Navigate your mouse to the location where the newly created MPEG2 file will be saved. You can click OK to confirm the process. Now you will have to wait till the entire conversion is completed. Once the conversion is completed it is time to burn the same in a DVD .You can do this by simply clicking icon that resembles a disc .This is the initial step to burn the file. The DVD has to be named prior burning.

Next you must click to select the MP4 file in the window where the Burn Soft ware is present. You need to select the “”Delete “option to eliminate the MP$ file. Next drag the newly converted MPEG2 file in the open area and replace the same with MP4.

Now select the “Burn” button located in the main window. With this you will observe that the disk tray will b ejected .You will have to place the blank DVD on disk tray and simply click the “option that closes the tray. You will have to wait for about 10 minutes for the DVD to burn. Once the burning procedure is completed the disc will be mechanically ejected.

Thus you have successfully converted the mp4 to DVD on Mac. Now you can simply watch the newly created DVD in your DVD player. However make sure that you do not operate any other program on your Mac while burning the DVD. This not only slows down the process but also interferes with the burning process.