Is Lung Transplant a Successful Procedure in India?


Lung diseases are the second most prevailing disorders across the globe.  It is one of the most severe disorders leading to maximum deaths every year.

 Most of the end-stage respiratory diseases call for lung transplantation, and cannot be resolved merely through non-surgical treatment. Now, if we talk about the success of lung transplant in India, then it is the highest across the globe.

It is possible to receive Best Lung Transplant in India, that is with a satisfactory result and without complications. The surgeons in the country excel in providing cutting edge treatment for the disorder.

Moreover, the results are not only because of the surgeons or experienced medical professionals, but it is due to the presence of all the facilities necessary for the treatment.

 Facts About The Successful  Lung Transplant in India:

For the success of Lung Transplantation, what matters the most is the availability of the lung donor for the receiver. So, the doctors evaluate the donated lungs before initiating with the transplant process.

Most of the lung transplant proceeds from a deceased donor, unlike other organ transplant, it cannot be done with the help of a living donor. It means the donor either might have died recently or is kept alive through machines after being brain dead.

Now, the problem is not that the patients suffering from lung damage die because of the transplant or surgery, but the problem is that the demand and supply do not match.

The sufferers of lung diseases are more, and the donors are low. In short, all transplant procedures that are performed are a success.

 The reason for the success of lung transplant in India, include:

  • Advanced treatment centres equipped with updated technologies
  • Experienced surgeons and doctors
  • Separate treatment units in the hospitals for dealing with emergency cases
  • Every hospital has its different donor bank, so the waiting time for the patient to receive lung transplant is comparatively less
  • The healthcare travellers visiting India for a lung transplant get assistance under the best medical tourism companies, efficient medical arrangements under the top surgeons improves the rate of success
  • The patients are given complete assistance before, during and after the surgery
  • Post-operative medical care to avoid short-term and long-term complications
  • Special team to handle paediatric and adult cases
  • Proper diagnosis of the patient, to check the eligibility to undergo the transplant procedure
  • Guiding the patient for physical and medical care after discharge from the hospital to avoid side-effects
  • Effective follow-up and periodic tests for two years to be sure about the recovery and functioning of the organ.

In short, we can say no stone is left unturned to ensure the safety of the patient and the success of lung transplant surgery.

The best news for the patients is Lung Replacement Cost in India, in spite of such satisfactory results, is very affordable.

Final Words:

The human body is alive because of oxygen, and lungs are the primary functioning unit of the respiratory system. So, do not delay in getting the replacement for lung, if recommended or else it may prove to be fatal.

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