What is Best Light for Plants in the Flowering Stage?

Indoor gardening is fun and exciting, especially for those people who live in regions with prolonged
winter periods. People living in colder areas turn to indoor gardening to extend their growing season
and be able to grow plants when there is little sunlight and the days are extremely short. The leading
technology used for indoor growing is LED grow lights. The best LED grow lights allow growers to tackle
small to large-scale projects easily. They are special because of the unique features and qualities they
offer. Choosing high quality grow lights like G8LEDs will be a wise choice for an indoor grow project.
G8LED grow lights are some of the highest quality grow lights available. The manufacturing of these
lights is with strict standards as they go through continuous testing to ensure they work efficiently for
indoor plant growing.

LED Grow Lights with the Highest Industry Standards
Amongst all types of grow lights, the best LEDs have some of the highest quality components. What
makes them unique is the fact that they adhere to the industry’s highest standards. The highest quality
lights today have a real 50,000-hour rating. This means the grow light can serve about 10-12 years of
active life in a grow space. The lights will grow healthy plants without emitting excessive heat. LED grow
lights reduce power consumption and cut down on electricity bills. With these lights, you can save up to
60% on electrical consumption compared to high-pressure sodium grow bulbs. The best-LED light for
growing spaces will have just the precise photosynthetic action spectrum, which plants need. With these
lights, you are sure to have the best harvests by providing the area with enough light.

Plants in the Flowering Stage
Most plants require around eight weeks or more of the intense light spectrum during their flowering
stage of growth. When plants start to flower, they produce tiny pistils. At this time the light cycle should
be reduced from 18 hours per day to 12 hours per day.

How Do LEDs Help in Vegetative Stage of Plant Growth?
For the vegetative stage, it is important to focus on the light distance. During vegetative growth, the
plants will grow from seedlings into mature plants. You can reap the most benefits from these lights in
the vegetative stage. During this stage, you will save the most on electricity costs. In this stage, you can
easily take up processes like cloning, transplanting, pruning, and bending the plants.

LED Lights and Their Many Benefits
Some government agencies such as NASA use LED lights for growing food. They are great for fruit-
bearing plants along with leafy greens too. In many greenhouses, professionals rely on best LED grow
lights. One of the top brands, G8LED, is renowned for its exceptional quality, offering one of the highest
yielding grow lights available. G8 lights produce superb plant quality.

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