Points to reach a successful Design and Construction firm

After designing and building different projects since two decades, I can tell that things have evolved and innovated over period of time. The technology has played a pivotal role for us to design any project within time limits. The integrated designs of the building give specialize to all the engineering discipline meanwhile in construction phase. Primarily, the responsibility of the project resides with the company that includes Project Management firms, Consultancy firms and Contractors. The big projects are now handed over such firms because they possess the expertise to design and build an aesthetic project according to the will of the client. The blame game yet played over nitty gritty of the project, but in big picture the reputable design firms are searched to seek their support.

As a matter of fact, the technology is too penetrated that construction design is only possible for the people fall in line with the expertise and the education. The education teaches you and experience helps you to evolve. I personally believe that designing your own project gives so much satisfaction.

I was already in love with designing construction building. Initially I wasn’t allowed to do because inexperience. Following that, looking at my seniors I learnt from scratch about the in-house design. And I observed the rate of thrive in the designing.

After doing two decades of untiring effort I build and designed my company that’s running successful. The simple rules are implemented to run a firm. Many bigwigs in the industry may not agree with my view point but I see the net results. Here are tips that I choose to opt after opening my firm:

  • Employ youth: I hire young blood straight out of school for internship. After they’re qualified I hire them what they worth, give them the bonuses on a good job. The reason to appoint youth is because, they’re the incumbent generations having knowledge of the latest technology ongoing and its utilization. The young employees have the energy to get trained and excel for the future. Old companies don’t let the young skin to grow.
  • Stay away from friend and family: Never work with the either. Religious festive is adequate for you to enjoy, trust me.
  • Communication: Focus on your communication skills with client. Everybody meet dozens of people every day but one of them would definitely chose to take your services. Only the client that understand you will approach you, simple rational behind taking a contract. Clients don’t understand the technicalities of the construction design. For instance, the 2D and 3D drawing. You need to elaborate in a simple manner avoiding to use jargons. It will help the client to cross question you which means, they’re satisfied with your work.
  • Keep updated: Stay away from social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other distracting apps. It doesn’t mean you delete it, use on appropriate time. While in office hours, use such apps for marketing purposes but not for personal use.
  • No compromise on Quality: If a client is happy with you, they will tell five other friends that may approach you. The client will recommend you, if quality is your top priority. And I’m telling you this from my personal experience. Ultimately, marketing expenses will be cut down to size. Your incumbent clients will be doing that job on behalf of you.
  • Nearby office: Your office shouldn’t be far from your residency. If you’ve an office hour away, it mean you’re wasting two hours day instead of doing productive.
  • Don’t rent an equipment: As long as you can afford, never take anything on rent. Not even a specialized machine. The charge that your client will pay, you will rent it in that.
  • Buy cheap: Never feel guilty in purchasing local hardware. The product doesn’t last longer, it doesn’t matter. Buy it again but save each penny to earn pounds. Till the time, local hardware works, continue working with it. The similar theory applies for your office holds such as table, chairs and laptops.
  • Stay calm: Majority times, the unbelievable deals are stricken leaving you speechless. But try to react as an expert of construction design and not sales person. There’s a difference between a salesperson and you. Salesperson does it to earn incentive, you do it to earn profit plus integrity. If the work isn’t satisfactory, the market value of your firm will decay. Furthermore, never panic to negotiate and do it with complete passion because your prices are competitive. Try to be a hard bargain without any arrogance. Make the client compel to work with you.
  • Use 3D modeling and PlusSpec: It gives hectic vibes yet 3D modelling and PlusSpec are the most useful building information modeling (BIM). It’s a software that has rich tools involving the physical designing and functional characteristics of the construction project. The BIM software’s are used across the world for aesthetic modeling. Construction is a time consuming job. I only design 2-3 projects in a year. Apparently, you would be thinking that too much time in designing but once you start designing you will be clear about the time consumption.

Do as long as you can – don’t work in your business but on your business. Learn things that are helpful for you to flourish. Sales can only boost through communication. With the help of technology avoid errors, give accurate quotes for building and design.

That’s all from me – will be sharing my more experiences with you.


Lincoln Trudeau is a graduate of Stanford University in Construction Engineering and Management. He is experienced in construction design solution and possess diverse experience in the field of Construction. The experience and exposure gave him the opportunity to startup own firm. The addition of his firm gave innovation and technological ideas in the various project. He holds a decent cliental portfolio that includes, individuals and multinational companies. He also has the experience of working on abroad projects. His dedication to work is witnessed by his clients.

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