7 Outstanding Benefits of Google Apps

Do you have a G-suite account? Well, Even, if you have one, no one makes Hotmail accounts to show themselves professionals. Instead, they go with simple [email protected] or [email protected] If you want to increase your business then having a G-suite account is a must. 

Before proceeding, don’t you want to know the benefits of Google apps. Well, they are numerous. In the current hard economic times, many businesses would seize any opportunity to save money and Google apps offer numerous advantages. The key benefits of Google apps are cost savings,storage, migration, reliability, security, spam protection, amazing customer support and many more. We will discuss each of these in the next section.

1. Cost Savings

The benefits of Google apps are numerous. In the current hard economic times, when most of the businesses wants to achieve their goals without spending much money. So, all of them will  seize any opportunity to save money and as a result, they will choose Google apps over any other. So, yeah! You can say that the key benefit of Google apps is cost savings. More than 5 million business are using several Google apps services such as Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calender.

When planning on Google apps migration, you will not require any additional hardware or software for your computer. So, don’t worry, you won’t have to spend more money on Google Apps. The applications are entirely web based and all that you need is reliable internet connection.

2. Storage

With Google apps migration, your employees can effectively handle their emails. Storage is a major benefit of Google email account-Gmail. On opening a Gmail account, each account gets 25GB storage space. You Can Also Store Animes from gogoanime in Your Google Drive.

Your employees can work very efficiently with high volumes of email without worrying that they are low on data. However, if you have consumed the given storage space then you can upgrade the storage space by spending less money then any other service.

3. Migration

When planning on Google apps migration, you will not require any additional hardware or software for your computer. The applications are entirely web based and all that you need is a reliable internet connection. 

The best thing about Google apps is the fact that they can be accessed on any internet enabled device. You can open your Gmail account for instance on your smartphone.

Even the less powerful phones can also be used to access your Gmail account provided they are internet enabled. So, don’t worry if you have low-end phone and start opting for Google apps. Moreover, this is the reason why so many new businesses are adopting Google apps migration.

4. Reliability

If the Google applications are not reliable after all, Google apps migration may not be necessary at all. According to the Google application developers, the applications will be available 99.9% of the time. Think yourself, how difficult it would be for businesses, if their email services are not operational or stops working. At that time, you can’t afford to lose your business. In that case, Google aps are the way to go for you. So, don’t worry about the downtime, not even at the time of Maintainence.

This is a great promise and it could only imply that you do not have to worry about system downtime. By the way, we are talking about Google, right now, they are leading player in the market because of the reliable service they provide to users.

Google applications are available anytime you need it. What a promise! Apparently, Google apps migration may be the way to go. 

5. Security

Security is one of the major priorities of the Google team. Any IT consulting expert will tell you that with Google apps, your information is always safe. Your information is held with a high level of confidentiality. With Google apps migration, you can rest assured that your private business information will not end up with the wrong users. 

All of the important information is stored online in the cloud,so, you won’t have to download and store the documents on your computer anymore. You do not have to worry, let the Google team uphold the confidentiality of your business information. Security is the major concern in many businesses. Google applications have passed the security test by far; this is the reason why Google apps migration has become so common.

6. Spam Protection

Spam and viruses are some of the risks that face web applications. However, Google apps have custom spam, inbound and outbound mail filtering tools to ensure that you will not be a victim of spam. These spam filtering tools are powered by postini

With Google apps such as Google Docs, sheets and other Google sites, sharing of information among employees becomes very simple indeed. All you have to do is give access to your colleague using their email id. Irrespective of their locations, workers can effectively share information and work together using these applications. If you have not yet tasted the goodness of Google applications, Google apps migration may be the way to go.

7. 24/7 Customer Support

With Google apps script development, most Google applications operations are well coordinated and automated. Google has become a brand and the only thing that matters to them is their reputation in the market. Moreover, Google understand that time is of essence for you and you can’t afford to lose your valuable time. 

Google offers a customer support system via online email or phone and a promise to solve your problem within 24 hours. In addition to this, if you experience any problems with your Google apps, you do not have to worry at all. The customer support team is always available for you.

Do you know the difference between free Google Apps account Vs G Suite account? If yes, that’s great and if not, here is a quick 8 minute video to understand all stuff: 


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