3 Tips For New Interactive Presentations: Whiteboards And Powerpoint Slides

presentation design by pitchworx

presentation design by pitchworx


Making and Giving Good Presentation is an art. For Business Professionals Presentation skills are more important than ever. So, Good Presentation engages the heart and mind of people. Here are 3 Tips On How To Make New Interactive Presentations.

Business leaders, sales professionals, and marketers are always looking for new ways to create interactive presentations. One of the biggest trends in presenting is to combine whiteboards and slides in the same presentation.

If you think about this, it makes total sense. A whiteboard promotes discussion, on-the-spot dialogue, and lively delivery. It’s a lot like education and entertainment rolled into one. A whiteboard is an ideal way to cut the ice and create an informal conversational atmosphere. This is when clients and prospects feel more comfortable asking questions, clarifying strategy, and learning new information.

On the other hand, slides in PowerPoint or Keynote also have a place in presenting. They streamline information exchange, provide a record of conversations, and can be easily distributed to a global workforce.

In addition, slides can be proofed, checked and verified by legal departments. In many organizations, nothing goes out without this step. This is hard to recreate without slides as part of the corporate records.

If you want to create a lively and dynamic presentation combine both media. You may want to experiment with the order of your delivery. Some professionals find it is best to use whiteboard sketches first to open up the conversation. Others prefer to use slides to set the tone and provide a big overview.

Whatever works best for you is the way to go. Experiment, test and refine your delivery to suit your needs and your audiences. Use whiteboards and slides as part of one presentation. More and more business leaders and sales professionals use this method to engage audiences and connect with a powerful story.

What’s the quick and easy way to do this? Follow these 3 How-To tips.

Tip 1: Plan With A Storyboard


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Plan your entire presentation with a storyboard. Organize your message across all media. You may be using whiteboards and PowerPoint. But perhaps you also want to show a video or run a product demo. A storyboard is a fast and easy way to build your entire presentation.

Tip 2: Plan For Interaction


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Organize your presentation Design for maximum interaction. Mix things up. An audience becomes passive if they have to sit and watch a boatload of PowerPoint slides without any chance to speak. Set yourself up for success. Plan to debrief at a whiteboard after 7-10 minutes of slides.

Tip 3: Invite Questions At The Whiteboard

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Create a lively and participatory discussion. Ask and answer questions at the whiteboard. Plan a blueprint for how you will organize this discussion. By starting with the end in mind, you’ll create attractive charts and encourage participation.


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