Tips for Travelling on a Limited Budget

Travelling is an incredible form of self-therapy as well as learning and growth. While everyone has an innate desire to travel and see the world, many find themselves unable to do so. This is because travelling has always been associated with a substantial cost. And even though that’s usually the case, it’s still possible to travel on a low budget.

In fact, anyone can experience great adventure on different trips by following some tips. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or your salary is low. By making use of these tips, you too can have the time of your life, without having to spend a fortune. So, if you’re a student, stressed out with your dissertation assignment, avail the services of a cheap essay writing service to get a break and plan a trip.

Without much further ado, here are the top tips to fill up the adventure jar without having to empty the money jar.

Limit the Number of Meals

One of the many enlightening experiences of travelling to foreign destinations is to adapt to different circumstances. Use this uncertainty to maximum advantage. Instead of having expensive food three times a day, adjust to the new place by making a new ‘temporary’ routine. Try to find accommodation where breakfast is free (many places offer this all around the world). Then for lunch have something light, which isn’t a proper meal. Close off the day by having a proper meal at dinner.

Cheaper Food Options
Money can be saved even more on food by avoiding going to a restaurant altogether. Use easy to prepare or pre-cooked food items from a grocery store and prepare meals all by yourself. Not only is this option cheaper, but healthier as well. Restaurants can be expensive, especially if travelling with family.

Off Season Travelling
This is one of the oldest, yet probably the most useful advice for travelling on a budget. During peak seasons, the price of everything involved, from flight tickets to accommodations is increased. This is because the influx of tourists causes high demands. So, travel in the off-season when there aren’t many tourists, flight tickets are cheaper, and accommodation choices are better.

Travel in a Group
Travelling solo has its benefits and is also highly enlightening. But travelling solo is also often expensive. The cheapest way to travel, by far, is in a group. Travelling with friends or family allows splitting up the cost of local transport, accommodation and food among several people. Travelling with close people also makes for some great memories to be cherished forever.

Go Where There Are Contacts
Travelling to a place where a personal contact resides can contribute towards saving money that can otherwise be spent on lodging. Also, as an added benefit, they can act as a guide too.

Avoid Shopping
Yes, it’s very enticing to buy local stuff as souvenir or memorabilia. But these things cost money, and we aim to travel on a budget remember. Shopping at foreign destinations isn’t something that’s needed, and the money could be better spent on allowing one to travel and have memorable experiences simply.

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