Men’s Wardrobe Tips for a Summer of Style

Staying in fashion is no longer just for women. Men are expected to have a stylish and bold look that helps them to stand out from the rest. As summertime rolls around, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe. See what items you’ll need to get by adhering to our best men’s style tips below for a killer summertime look.

Summertime isn’t complete without a wide variety of t-shirts. You’ll have some that you can wear on their own and others that you’ll want to layer under different clothing items, such as blazers or flannels. It’s a good idea to consider various types of t-shirts that will help to accent your attire, regardless of what you wear. Subtle texture differences can help to make a solid color t-shirt look fancier. Be sure that you have a wide variety of color, mostly solid t-shirts, and different styles to make your options span the whole way throughout the summer.

While you may initially think of flannels as a wintertime attire, that’s not fully the truth. Cowboy apparel is also a great look for summer. Button-up shirts, like flannels, come in long and short sleeves, so you’ll have the perfect fit for the right occasion. With a quick online search, you’ll be sure to find a ton of different styles to choose from. Think about the lighter summertime colors of reds, blues, and greens. Only consider the dark grays and blacks for cool summer nights.

Summer can’t be complete without some comfortable shorts to wear. It’s time to take a look at your wardrobe and see what items you’re missing for a complete look. It’s very common to have a lot of navies and khakis when it comes to shorts. These two colors tend to go along with all other colors. However, do yourself a favor and mix it up a bit. Opt for some grays, camos, and some even lighter colors. Light blues, greens, and pinks are all becoming a summer style statement for men.

Linen Suits
Trying to stay stylish when it’s extremely hot outside is not something that comes naturally. With the summertime being the optimal time for weddings, it’s likely that you’re going to need to be dressed up a few times this summer. Sticking with the linen suit material can make all the difference in how you feel. This lightweight material can allow your body to breath in that hot summer heat.

Having a great style this summer starts with knowing what to get. The above are just four of the must-have components to any man’s summer wardrobe. We encourage you to take a look at what’s in your closet and fill in what’s missing so you always have something stylish to wear this summer.


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