What Questions Home Buyers Need to Ask from the Seller?

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When it comes to buying a new home, there are plenty of questions that must be asked before paying the money. If you are buying Dubai creek Harbour Properties for sale, here are some of the things you should ask seller. Let’s have a brief overview of these questions that will help you to settle the deal with ease.

Reason for Selling your Home

There are several reasons that a person is selling his/her property. Either the person is moving to another place, looking for a small or big house, life events and retirement. Most of the sellers might not answer you truthfully, but asking them will help you determine whether there are any chances of negotiation or not.

If the buyer wants to sell the home in hurry, you have a golden opportunity to settle the deal at low price. Otherwise there might little to no chance of negotiating at lower price.

Duration of Home been on the Market

If the house is on the market for a very long time, there might be a possibility that the seller is demanding too high. The longer the house stays on the market, the difficult it becomes to sell. The reason is that the houses that are listed on market for a longer period becomes stale. It leaves a negative impression on the buyers that there is something fishy about it.  If the home is for a very long time, the seller might agree to negotiate even if it is too low.

What’s Included in the Sale?

When it comes to selling a house, there are things that are attached permanently. They include faucets, windows, blinds and cabinets. All of these items are considered to be included in the sale price of the house.

If you are not sure what is included in the sale price, makes sure to ask the buyer in order to avoid any discrepancies or conflict. Make sure to write everything on the agreement so that no problems arise in the future.

Are Neighbors Lousy?

Neighbors can play a crucial role when it comes to buying and selling of property. For instance, home owners can be affected by a number of nuisances of neighbors. They might not care about maintaining hygiene, peaceful and calm environment or involvement in some illegal activities. Make sure to ask the seller of the home to tell if there are any problems with the neighbors living within the community.

For How Much Cost Did the Seller Buy?

There are several reasons to know what the seller himself paid for the property. You can analyze whether the price of the property has gone up or down since the purchase. Moreover, it may help you find how much flexible the seller might be when it comes to negotiation. If the seller has bought the home at a very low price, they might move down on price, as the profit margin will be ideal even after lowering it. Make sure to ask these questions in order to avoid any problems in the future.

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