The various factors to be considered in construction design solutions

It is a wish of nearly every person to build his dream house which has all the best comfort and luxuries of life. Home is a place of love, belonging, and happiness which a person needs at some point in their life. Building a house is not easy and required a tremendous amount of planning and taking the correct decisions at the right time. The numerous factors one should consider while thinking to build a house are

  • The design plan of your house

One of the critical factors is the design specifications of your house. You must have some rough idea of how you want to style the house. It is better to hire the services of an architect who is familiar in transforming your ideas and needs of a house in a blueprint. You must provide information on the design of particular rooms, the ventilation, the space of each room and size of lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.

  • The location of your house

The location of the house also matters as you want to place yourself in closer proximity to shops, school, and other amenities. You should also ensure the availability of electricity, water, and gas.

  • Your planned budget

One of the most important aspects is the budget you are willing to spend on the construction of the house. The cost of the budget includes payment to the contractor, wages of the workers, the cost of materials and equipment. You will also have to consider the cost caused due to delay in construction work. You must ensure that you have the required financial resources to start and complete the project and to consider all the fixed and variable cost.

  • Time

It should be noted that quality and value requires time and building a significant house amount of time. You should know that the construction of the house usually takes up several months due to the extent of different important tasks.

You should contact and employ the services of an experienced and professional contractor who can design and build your house according to your requirements and budget. The contractor has all the technical knowledge and expertise to proficiently handle the numerous tasks and assigned work to diligent teams. One of the new approaches is design-build which merges the skills and knowledge of both an architect who designs the house and a contractor who builds the house according to the design given by the architect. The project is completed on time and within the allotted budget and removes the hassle needed to bid for the design and construction of your house separately.

The first stage of house construction is the design phase in which the blueprint of the house is finalized. The architect will know about your ideas, needs, and requirements of the house. The architect will consider all the factors in the design of the house which includes the size of the land on which house will be constructed, the weather, type of construction material, the number of rooms, the exterior look, the utilization of interior space, the budget and designing the house in compliance with city building codes. The main goal of the architect is to translate the client’s requirements on paper and ease the work of the contractor. The construction of the house requires knowledgeable input from all the driving forces such as the architects, the contractors, the vendors, and the teams assigned the electrical, plumbing and carpentry tasks. Effective coordination and cooperation among the teams help to reduce the total cost, prevent any delays at the construction site and enable the project to be completed on time.

You should sign a contract with the building contractor who will be responsible for managing the construction from start to finish. The contractor will form a team of workers, arrange the materials and equipment needed to construct the house, and consider all the risk involved in completing the project. The range of services provided by contractors that come in construction design solutions are

  • The planning and architectural design of your house
  • Management of the project from start to finish
  • Assigning tasks to the team of workers
  • Laying solid foundation and groundwork for the house
  • Ensuring proper installation of the structural framework
  • Covering all the electric and mechanical works
  • Roofing of the house
  • Providing carpentry solution once the structure of the house is built
  • Doing landscaping and gardening to enhance the look of the house
  • Decorating the house and applying specialist finishing on wishes of the client
  • Ensuring maintenance and repair service

The design-build technique is the best way to ensure superior quality when it comes to designing and constructing the house. The architect and contractor will work together to cover all the major and minor aspects of the project whether it is submitting floor plans for approval to structural drawings and other calculations needed to build the house. The three stages of construction design solutions are

  1. Design Stage and planning
  2. The pre-construction stage
  3. The construction stage

The things included in the planning and design stage are

  • Site survey which is measuring the property and considering the design plan
  • Preparing the initial draft for floor plans and elevations. You can amend the design within seven days
  • Sending the planning application for approval which takes around eight weeks
  • Once permission is given, you can begin structural drawings and calculations
  • Interior design according to client’s needs and requirements

The factors of the preconstruction stage are

  • The design team will prepare a quote based on the amount of work required
  • A surveyor will visit the land and approved the construction
  • A timeline is developed with all the dates mentioned for completion of tasks
  • A contract is signed between you and the contractor

The construction phase consists of

  • The contractor will discuss the final details provided by the architect
  • The contractor will assign tasks and ensure the highest quality is maintained
  • The contractor provides regular updates on the progress of the construction
  • Once the project is completed, the contractor will ask you to do a visit and oversee the final finish of the house

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